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Recently I have ordered 30,000 units of chips due to up coming technology trends and have developed PCB's accordingly to specs. I specialize in PCB and semiconductor technology from CA  for Japan semi conductor companies. While in Asia for business I bought 1000 chips that I have had shipped. The design was not difficult yet very time consuming. I have been watching the forums a while now and believe in the btc community. I am willing to share my design specs, parts #s, and at the moment have put together a "how to manual" for step by step instructions. Your first board should take depending on your abilities anywhere from 2-3 weeks. I am planing on selling remaining 800 chips left. I am selling the chips for 1 BTC, which is more than fair. Send me a message for more information or request for manual. This is for serious people who are interested in building their own BTC ASIC miner or interested in resell. PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES!!!!!!!!!!! Donations are appreciated due to time and effort of over a years intense work and will receive in PDF format the ASIC DYI PCB manual in your email for free.


Hi there CSASICS, this is a very interesting post. Will this also include the pricing and the suppliers contact details? I intend to produce an ASIC here in the Philippines as our country has lots of raw materials for this.  ;)

Very interesting...

It is really interesting. I think there's no one yet in the Bitcoin community who's willing to share how to make an ASIC.  :)

You have a point. How can someone make an ASIC? It's really interesting.


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