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Hi, it is my please to be in Bitcoin forum. I am a bitcoin investor and trader hoping to get insights and share my experience with bitcoin, Libertas and crypto currency trading in general.

I'm new here as well

Hello I am familiar with Bitcoin, I got started back in the early days not knowing how far this will go. I can not get into my very first [censored] that I got in 2012, I am lock out of that account, I have a whole bunch of coins in their. I guess that is my 3 feet from gold story. I made me a new [censored] account in 2016. I decided to take it a bit further into investing. I learning how and when to buy coins. I hoping to plan my future retirement with bitcoin. My investing account is doing quite well on the DAapp's. I am still learning how to trade on KUCOIN, I can't have Binance casue I live in Texas. I do have Bitmart. I learned that some of these little new altcoins can earn you money. I am here to learn & earn!


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