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Author Topic: Introduction To Kulaunch Decentralized IDO Platform  (Read 230 times)

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Introduction To Kulaunch Decentralized IDO Platform
« on: July 21, 2021, 06:29:59 AM »

Kulaunch is the first permissionless decentralized IDO platform on the Kucoin Community Chain. Here’s everything you need to know about the Kulaunch platform, including how to participate.

The power of the Kulaunch platform lies in the Kucoin Community Chain (KCC), which is a rapidly growing ERC20-compatible blockchain network. It has become popular because of the low transaction cost and good brand value of Kucoin — a Utility Token providing access to the Kulaunch IDO platform.

What is Kulaunch?

Kulaunch is a community-driven decentralized IDO (Initial Dex Offering) platform for the Kulaunch Community. It provides a decentralized ecosystem for creating a permissionless listing and for the launch of trustless presale events for next-gen crypto projects.

The Kulaunch decentralized presale platform provides a means for developers/teams to facilitate trustless presale of their high-potential tokens while allowing investors to become part of growing crypto projects that have been personally verified by the Kulaunch team and are backed by the platform’s advanced trust mechanisms of liquidity locking and vesting schedule.

Problems that the Kulaunch IDO platform solves

Lack of a trustless platform to create decentralized presales of emerging tokens

No platform exists that ensures auto-locking of liquidity to protect investors’ interest

No presale platform allowing the release of tokens according to a vesting schedule to help maintain the token’s market value and avoid immediate dumps.

Lack of a reliable and featured IDO platform for presale launch

Kulaunch is all set to launch the first permissionless decentralized IDO launch platform for the KCC community. The presale platform offers a permission mechanism for the listing of presales through community voting.

Creators will have the following three methods to create/list a presale on Kulaunch:

1. Decentralized Presale

Anyone with a KCC token (cryptocurrency created on the Kulaunch Community Chain) can create their presale on the platform, set the prices, and start selling.

These presales will not be vetted by the Kulaunch team and will not be publicly listed on the pool page. Investors will have to do their own research to know about and check the validity of a sale. Also, project owners/creators will be responsible for all marketing activities.

2. Kulaunch Public IDOs

Certain projects based on the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria will be considered for community voting. Based on community voting results, only projects that qualify will be listed on the public IDO platform. Presales that launch on the Kulaunch public platform are generally more trustworthy and reliable.

3. Kulaunch Assured IDOs

The third type of presales to list on the Kulaunch platform are Assured IDOs. These are projects that are personally verified and certified by the Kulaunch team through in-depth analysis of the project idea, tokenomics, team, technology and progress. The presales listed on the platform are high-quality projects with a very high potential to succeed.

Kulaunch Creative Innovations/Features for a Trustless Fundraising Ecosystem

Wondering how Kulaunch maintains the integrity of the platform and protects investor/creator interest? It’s through our unique and highly innovative features, including:

Auto-locking of liquidity

What is it? — A pre-specified percentage of the raised funds (different for each project) will be automatically locked for trading liquidity.
Why? — This is to ensure that project owners do not do a rug pull (run away with investors’ money by abandoning the project) soon after the presale.

Vesting Schedule

What is it? — A unique feature that allows sales creators to create vesting (ownership release) schedule for the release of tokens.
Why? — This helps ensure that investors do not (cannot) sell all their tokens immediately after token listing.


What is it? — This feature allows presale creators to whitelist a set of wallets to allow only particular users/wallets to participate in the sale.
Why? — Only verified/whitelisted wallets will be able to join the presale event. To avoid spam.

Smart Contracts

What? — All transactions, including pre-sales, will be performed through smart contracts in an automated trustless environment.
Why? — This helps create a trustless environment for the swap of presale stage tokens.

To Sum Up,

Kulaunch is the proposed solution to the various problems of the presale launch communities, as it provides a truly decentralized, trustless, and highly secure decentralized platform for presale and IDO launch.

All public IDO projects will be vetted by the community, while all Kulaunch assured projects will be vetted by the Kulaunch team. All these are high-quality projects with the probability of high returns for participants and investors.

Find out more or join the Kulaunch IDO platform.
Kulaunch is a community governed decentralized IDO platform for KCC creating a permissionless listing and a trustless presale ecosystem

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