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Qatarsino betting platform $QTS
« on: November 16, 2022, 09:59:43 AM »

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This company aims to become a direct competitor to all the crypto gambling organizations just as Stake or Roobet for example.

But first of all.... what even is Qatarsino?

A group of four very talented and ambitious people came together and thought about how they could revolutionize the Casino industry. They knew it wouldn't be easy, especially because of the huge competitors I've mentioned before. But they manged to come up with a great plan.

How you ask?

Their marketing is insanely thought through. They will use the upcoming world cup series to boost their reach and gain more investors by doing so. That's why the first project will be named Qatarsino. It will have a utility token called $ and it will be used to place bets or play slots on their Casino website. But that's not all... there also is a Bonus when buying the Token. If u buy the token while it is still under $0.10 as an early investor, then you will get it filled up to $0.50 when using it to gamble!

Quick example:

Let's say u bought 1 token for $0.025 then you will get 20 token when linking your wallet to the platform. Basically in this example you paid for 1 and got 20. So you got 19 token for free!
The best thing is you can already buy the $QTS token.

Please check their tokenomics in their telegram group or site, though, as I am no financial advisor and don't want to say anything wrong. At least, this is how I understood everything. Feel free to correct me!

Here are their social links:

Telegram group:

All in all, I am really bullish on this project and will definitely buy in with a decent amount of money. But as always... DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

And also never use more money than you can afford to loose. #NFA #DYOR