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Author Topic: Project KRONOS - Insider Trading and more  (Read 416 times)

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Project KRONOS - Insider Trading and more
« on: October 24, 2019, 10:57:22 AM »

Project KRONOS
Have you ever wondered If there is a way to know which coins will increase in price and when? Not just predict or speculate, but to just be sure about it? Welcome to the World of Insider Trading. Welcome to the Project KRONOS.

What is KRONOS?
Project KRONOS is an initiative that aims to centralize numerous sources of Insider Information and distribute them to a closed group of individuals. We find, buy, leak and 'steal' unreleased information on Coin News, Pumps, Schemes, Security Breakings, FORKs, Burns and many more. Any non-public knowledge that can help make better trading decisions is our target.  All that information is checked for reliability, probability, possible gains and then delivered to our members in the Closed Group.

What's Insider Trading and Insider Information?
Insider Information is a non-public knowledge that gives an unfair advantage in trading. It's a piece of information provided by someone from 'Inside' of Coin Dev Teams, Pump Groups, Exchange Dev Teams etc. to a selected group of people, allowing them to buy a Coin before it increases in price because of that information. Poeple with Insider Info don't have to speculate when to buy and sell a coin, they just know. Buying and selling when using Insider Info is called Insider Trading. While It is illegal on the Stock Market, It's still not regulated in the Crypto World and taken advantage of more often than you think. That is what our project focuses on.

What do you get in our Closed Group?
Having access to our Closed Group Telegram channel gets you all of our Insider Info calls on coins and news. We post detailed information on what to buy and when to sell to get the best profit. We check every single source and information and always post honest reviews of them. We tell you what coin to buy, how risky the given operation is, how profitable it might be etc. You are the one who chooses how risky you want to play. Use only our most reliable and safe calls and earn steadly or take a risk and win big quickly. We are not able to say how many calls there will be every week exactly, there are better and worse weeks, it ranges from 1 a week to even 7 a week. Only thing we can guarantee is that when following our calls you will make money every week. Here is a list of some things you will recieve in our Closed Group:
- Coin Signals based on Insider Information
- Leaks of Pump Coins
- Leaks of FORKs
- Leaks of Burns
- Leaks of BTC analysis
- Trade decisions of some Crypto Whales
- Help from our Experts 24/7

Who is behind KRONOS?
There are 2 main creators of this project, and 10s of different sources that we work with. For obvious reasons we all prefer to remain anonymous. We like to call ourselves The Olympus. With Zeus responsible for organisation and member contact and Hades responsible for security and source reliability. We will never share any information about us or the people we cooperate with.

What are our sources?
The whole net of sources that we work with is called the Olympus. It's a group of 10s of people in different places, with different skills and different contacts. Some of them are Crypto Traders working in Whale Groups, some of them are Hackers, some of them are a part of Coin Dev Teams, some of them are high members of Pump Teams and there are some that we prefer not to talk about. All working together and sharing information that we later check for value and reliability. We are always looking for new sources and If you think you could be one, contact us!

How to join Closed Group?
You can join our Informational Channel and our Result Channel for free to observe our actions and check out the profits we make. If you want to have access to our Signals and Leaks you will need to join our Closed Group, you can do that by sending a message to our Member Manager - Zeus - on Telegram. If you want to sell us information or become a long term source message - Hades - about it.

Closed Group Access
1 Week - 0.02btc
1 Month - 0.05btc

How to become our source?
If you think you might have access to information that we could be interested in, contact Zeus. We are always looking for new sources and poeple to join The Olympus. By becoming our source you can have access to all our signals for free and when the information will be particulary good we can even talk about additional payment. We will surely figure something out, contact Hades to know more.

Where can you find our results?
We have a seperate Telegram channel dedicated stricly to our Results and Achievements. You will find there almost all of our previous Signals and Leaks with detailed analysis of them. We encourage to check out that channel, It's free to join for everyone. From perfect Coin Signals to Pump Coins and Leaks, you will find it all there.

Contact and Channels
ZEUS (Member Manager) - @kronoszeus
HADES (Source Manager) - @kronoshades
INFO Channel - KRONOSINFO on Telegram

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Re: Project KRONOS - Insider Trading and more
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2019, 12:58:49 PM »
Results from the last 2 weeks!More on our Telegram channels.
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