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 [size=78%]Background and Structure[/size]
HACKSPACE is a company formed in 2017 for the purpose of investing in and developing the most promising early stage technology hardware and connected hardware startups identified by its strategic partner, the engineering catalyst EnCata.
HACKSPACE also serves as an online platform/shop, where people can acquire products and services created and offered by HACKSPACE startups and partner companies. HACKSPACE provides startups with multilayered support such as: organization of administrative processes, legal support, business consulting, coordination and supervision of the project’s life cycle, marketing via its partner companies, R&D, scientific research, engineering development and preparations for mass production.
The founders of HACKSPACE are driven by the goal of building and improving upon successful ideas and technologies for the betterment of humanity. In the case of this Token Sale, HACKSPACE wants to expand upon and improve the game changing crowdfunding concept for technology hardware products. While similar to crowdfunding in that buyers of HAC TOKENS («BUYERS») purchase products before they are fully developed and produced, with HAC TOKENS the BUYERS are protected from losing their money if a product is never fully developed. This is because the HAC TOKENS they acquire via their initial purchase can be used on any product or service developed in the HACKSPACE PORTFOLIO. Thus, while some companies and products invested in by HACKSPACE might fail (although the direct working relationship between HACKSPACE and EnCata will reduce the likelihood of such failure), the HACKSPACE funding structure means that BUYERS will never lose their money via individual product/company failure as BUYERS can use their HAC TOKENS for another HACKSPACE developed product or simply sell their HAC TOKENS to others. The founders of HACKSPACE believe this will not only protect BUYERS from financial loss, but also accelerate the development of products via crowdfunding efforts, thus increasing the amount of innovative and beneficial products for society at large.
The Token Sale and creation of a blockchain platform for the rapid development and distribution of the most promising hardware technology products is just the first stage in the vision the HACKSPACE founders have for improving the world through engineering. HACKSPACE wants to expand beyond its initial product development/distribution platform to create a worldwide engineering ecosystem to provide talented young inventors and entrepreneurs the ability to most quickly and efficiently realize their dream products. HACKSPACE plans to use funds from its development to create hackspaces1 and infrastructure in key global innovation hotspots to train and foster the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs. In an increasingly divided world, the HACKSPACE team believes in the powerful combination of creative young minds using science and technology to develop products which heal divisions and help create common experiences and unity among the disparate peoples of the world.
EnCata A key element to HACKSPACE success is a constant pipeline of cutting edge technology products to offer holders of HAC TOKENS and the public at large. HACKSPACE has thus entered into a formal agreement with EnCata, the leading regional catalyst for hardware startups, to receive an exclusive first look and right of refusal at investing into startups with which EnCata is working.
EnCata, is based in the dynamically evolving and engineering rich tech hub of Minsk, Belarus. A December, 2016 Wall Street Journal article labeled: «Belarus is emerging as the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe» highlights the growing importance and opportunity of Belarus as a hi-tech and development center. There are currently 40,000 Belorussian software engineers, and such popular applications as MSQRD, AIMATTER, Viber, Klondike, Knights&Brigts, Zombie Farm and World of Tanks originated in Belarus.
EnCata, founded by 2016 Minsk «Person of the Year for Industrial Innovation,» Oleg Kondrashov, employs nearly 100 developers, design and manufacturing engineers in taking the most promising hardware startups from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan from the ‘good idea’ stage to a company with completed 3D design, manufacturing documentation, bill of materials and fully functioning prototypes ready for mass production.
EnCata provides a fully integrated ‘one stop’ service for tech entrepreneurs in order to help them develop the most appealing and efficient products possible. EnCata not only performs the necessary tasks of creating the engineering design documentation and working prototypes, but also acts as a full service engineering consultancy in organizing the most cost effective product development and manufacturing process. EnCata houses all the necessary facilities in one place, including a design office, project office, its own production managers and consultants, impressive world-class R&D facilities and an array of industrial machinery for industrial prototype manufacturing. EnCata is working under the philosophy of LEAN and Toyota Production System (TPS) that helps to manage the entire Product Lifecycle. EnCata is able to impart its knowledge and experience with these systems to its clients.
EnCata has become the darling of regional private investors, business angels and incubators as EnCata’s full service ‘catalyst’ program provides the highest chance of success for hardware startups. It is fair to say that EnCata has virtually no quality competition in its central markets of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and thus has a virtual monopoly in seeing and working with the best startup teams and projects in the region.
Critically, for HACKSPACE, EnCata engagements require 3-6 months of close working cooperation with the founders and management teams of the startups. Thus, EnCata not only understands which are the most promising products emerging from the region, but their close work with startup teams enables EnCata a lengthy period to evaluate the quality of the management, which is arguably the most critical element of any successful enterprise.
EnCata’s R&D centers are the heart of the company, where EnCata’s engineers develop new designs and also manufacture sophisticated prototypes. R&D centers are built on the Toyota Production System.
Development Process of Hardware Startups
EnCata utilizes the US Space Agency (NASA) Technological Readiness Level («TRL») classification system to identify 1) the developmental stage of startups EnCata engages and 2) the necessary process to bring the company and the product ready for mass production and market launch. TRL is based on the scale from 1 to 9, where 9 is a working technology and a finished product fully prepared for the production chain. Most startups fail at TRL- 3/4 (lab demonstration and home-built prototypes) but EnCata’s one stop program takes companies from this stage through TRL-9, ready for mass production and public launch.
HACKSPACE and EnCata have agreed that EnCata will identify to HACKSPACE its most promising hardware/connected hardware products and teams and HACKSPACE will have the first exclusive opportunity to review and invest in these projects.
During the first nine months of 2017, EnCata has been engaged in approximately 50 projects and identified 10 exceptional companies which it has referred to HACKSPACE. Most of EnCata’s projects involve Russian and Belorussian startups but have also recently included projects in the USA and Oman. Start-up projects are brought to EnCata from sponsored incubators or entrepreneurs who need a quality, reliable engineering catalyst to advance their projects from early TRL stages to mass production readiness at TRL-9. Often, when entrepreneurs bring projects to EnCata directly, EnCata will organize pre-seed funding to provide the essential early financing. EnCata has been so successful in the quality and reliability of its work with incubators, that it has established a relationship where it provides an initial review of projects for the incubators to streamline the bureaucratic work of the administrators. Incubators then pass their accepted projects back to EnCata for product development and implementation.
When a startup, led by EnCata, has advanced its project to TRL-9, the startup needs to raise a TRL 1. TRL 2. TRL 3. TRL 4. TRL 5. TRL 6. TRL 7. TRL 8. TRL 9. General principles observed and reported. Scientific knowledge generated, general concept proposed. Concept formulated in greater details, applications identified and assessed. First lab demonstration, key predicted parameters validated. Key functionality demonstrated and documented in a form of MVP. Prototype or system elements validated in a relevant environment. Full-scale prototype demonstration . Prototype performance fully demonstrated in operational environment. Final configuration of the prototype demonstrated through a set of validated tests. Production documentation completed. Final product entering the market. © Hackspace Capital 2017 16 of 30 seed funding round of capital to finance and bring to market the first mass produced batch of its product. The required capital will generally be in the range of $500,000 - $2 million. It’s at this stage that EnCata will identify its absolutely best products and management teams and refer them to HACKSPACE as a potential source of capital. With assistance from EnCata, HACKSPACE then carries out a thorough due diligence of the product, market, management team and capabilities of the startup. In addition to seed funding for mass production, HACKSPACE/EnCata will assist the startup in branding of the product, creating unique photo and video content, developing a marketing campaign for a “loud launch” of the product on the international market, potentially creating and realizing a crowdfunding campaign (for market evaluation and analysis); performing viral media campaigns and direct advertising of the product in physical and digital media space
As part of the investment protocol, HAC TOKEN holders (at a discount of up to 20% of the advertised price) will be given priority in receiving the first run of the produced product.


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