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MyBotGarage platform allows you to launch bots to trade various cryptocurrencies on the Binance futures market. All trades take place on the Binance exchange, the connection is made using the API keys and all the funds are stored on the exchange wallets.
 Bots are created in slots. Slots must be bought through the balance of the platform, which can be replenished with cryptocurrency. There is also a FREE TRIAL for new users, a period of 7 slots for one year, as well as $ 10 to buy slots.
 There is also a referral program for three levels:
  Level 1 - 25% of the platform balance replenishment
  Level 2 - 15% of the platform balance replenishment
  Level 3 - 10% of the platform balance replenishment
 There are also several parameters when creating a bot:
 1. Trading strategies:
     TRADER, SCALPER, INVESTOR through which the bot will act quickly or, on the contrary, wait to bring more profit.
 2. Strategies SHORT, LONG, SURF, HEDGE positions that the bot will have.
                        SHORT - the bot trades only in SHORT
                        LONG - the bot trades only in LONG
                        SERF - bot changes long and short positions every round.
                        HEDGE - bot aligns short and long positions. It processes in which positions the bots trade, if more bots are
                                      trading in SHORT, then the next round it will enter from a LONG position. And this will be done by each
                                      bot that has completed a deal and enters a new one.
 3. Leverage - is the ability to control a large contract value with a relatively small amount of capital.
 4. Intensity - control of the bot's behavior with profit and risk. The greater the intensity, the greater the profit, but the greater the risk for raising the temperature (margin ratio).
 At the start of the bot, all these strategies and parameters can be changed, and they can also be edited during the trading of the bot, which, when a new round starts, will start trading with new parameters.
 There is a STOP LOSS that will work if the price of the cryptocurrency goes up or down sharply. It will not let the entire futures balance burn out.
 There is also LAST ROUND, when enabled, the bot will close the current position and stop.
 There are also two options for stopping the bot:
  Stop bot - the bot will stop but the position on Binance will remain open.
  Stop the bot and close the position - the bot stops and the position is closed by the market.
 For your convenience, money for trading can be transferred from a spot wallet to a futures wallet directly from the platform without commissions.
 All information on trading such as the start and stop of the bot, earnings, changes in strategy come to the telegram channel.
 Support in Russian and English via telegram channel and email correspondence.
 There is a live stream of our demo bot on Twitch and find MyBotGarage
 Search for us on Youtube and subscribe to MybotGarage. There you will find a video on how to get started quickly.
 Search for us on Telegram:
     mybotgarage_info - follow the news.
     mybotgarage - technical support of  which will answer all your questions.

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We want to announce some updates to MyBotGarage platform!

MBG Platform updates:
1. AI bot strategy (Artificial Intelligence).
   AI strategy is based on analyzing previous data and before entering a position bot will decide whether to open a LONG or SHORT order.

2. INVESTOR bot type improvements.
   We improved the Investor bot type, now it will place a grid of orders in order to improve your position.