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SEBoss's iPhone 5s SE service [HQ] [FAST] [TRACKING] [BTC]



Decided to go ahead and start this service here. I have it on another forum and its pretty popular but most members there already bought one from me so business is dying down so looking to expand. It takes 10 days to get the phone from the day I do the SE. You get tracking after 7 days to an email that you give me. This is safe. The phone won't get blacklisted. They are not expecting one back. You can only send one per address. Unless it's a drop you can do 2 to one address. Prices are 250$ BTC per phone. If you buy more than one I'll adjust theprice depending how many you buy. If you wanna buy post here and I will PM you when I'm ready to do your order. That way I don't get flooded with PMs and I can organize orders better. Look forward to working with you all!

!!!100$ discount to first 2 buyers!!!
Will also do vouch for a high ranking member!


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