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I am Primedice Official Portuguese speaker.

Crypto Powered Betting!


Support Celebration Giveaway 🥂
Ends: 25/03/19 @ Midday (12pm) GMT  
We have a special surprise for you this week and as always, Stake celebrates with style ⚜️ Due to the wedding celebration of our CEO @Mladen, support is organizing a giveaway event which he sponsors from his personal funds in which 1st 100 posters on this thread will get a 60k satoshi award each. The requirements are pretty simple - just post your username as soon as this thread unlocks and do not contact support from the 23rd March at 2:00 PM (GMT) for full 16h because we will be out and drinking 🥂 All of your inquiries will be responded the following day and your patience is highly appreciated! In case of some super urgent matter, please, contact us on email - Help us celebrate this special occasion and have a beer on Micro on this wonderful day! Cheers! :)


    Write your username on this thread as soon as it unlocks on the 23rd March 2:00 PM (GMT).
    Live Support will be unavailable during that period (for full 16 hours), so save all the inquiries you have for the following days.
    1 valid entry per household. Please, do not try to enter multiple times or with alts, this will be strictly sanctioned.
    10+ forum post count.

Prize Pool

    Prize pool of 0.06 BTC will be shared to the 1st 100 posters on this thread, 0.0006 BTC each.

How to Enter
    Respond to this topic with your Stake username. Congratulations are accepted too 🎉

🔥 The Last Bet Wins! 🔥

How to win

To win this giveaway you need to post a Bet ID with at least $1 profit. Let's not forget the most important part though! Your post must also be the last post on this thread before it locks!

When is this thread going to lock?

That's a secret! But I will leave this sha256 hash below which will later confirm the exact date and time this thread was locked!


💎 Prizes! 💎

Last post - $75

2nd to last post - $50

3rd to last post - $25


- No reposting the same bets or any old bets
- You must use the "Insert BetID" button
- Your bet must be at least $1 profit
- 1 prize per person
- 3+ post count
- You can only enter again if you aren't the last post

Some people are confused on what an old bet means. An old bet simply means any bet older than your last entry post or any bet from before the start of the giveaway. It takes 1 second to make a bet or even less with the new "Instant Bet" feature so as long as you made the bet and it's not older than your last post it's valid. This also means you risk having bets that were never used when this thread locks.


Please grow, grow and keep growing :D
Will this be the moment we have all been waiting for? :o
Catch out the price rise and get those nice profits from your Stake Bets right now.
Eventually you can HODL your coins at Stake's vault and withdraw them as soon you see such price spikes 8)

Anyone searching for giveaways? We'll be hosting a $500 giveaway at 1,000 Telegram members! Don't miss out because over 15 Ethereum was given away this last week alone! Vote in the poll to decide how we give away this $500! Only 214 more members to go!


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