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What do you think about
« on: September 12, 2019, 03:13:25 AM »

I think Birdlance is a great marketplaces for photos, illustrations and artwork.

BIRDLANCE wants to be one of the best online marketplaces for photos, illustrations and artwork. BIRDLANCE wants to provide solutions for managing online stock images and managing the reliability of photos.

It also protects the intellectual property of photographers and graphic designers by reporting copyright infringement and being able to report copyright infringement.

The Birdlance Platform is a platform that provides the opportunity for artists to sell their work to foreign viewers at a price set by the artist, and the seller is a complete and independent platform for the works they sell.themselves.Featuresoftheplatform include.

Market Place
Birdlance will have its market place which will serve as a real-time Market place for pictures,illustrations and artwork.

Buy and Sell
Buy and sell your BLNC for a small fee,real-time prices and fast transactions.

Proof of Authorship
Protect your photos, illustrations and artwork with your own hash Birdlance Block Chain.

Their AI search is formed with chesonline and notifies you when there is a new match

Proof of Stake
Stake coins and earn extra coins while helping to secure the network.

Birdlance will support paid advertising spots for products.

This is a great opportunity for art workers. Sell products in a real-time marketplace.

For more information, please visit
Telegram Group:
Facebook Link:
Twitter Link:


What are the features of Birdlance Platform?

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