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Hello! We present you a unique product - YourBunnyTrades, where in one place you will find everything that may interest you in crypto trading.
YBT is a crypto ecosystem with innovative cryptocurrency trading methods. This is the place where cryptocurrency enthusiasts can find cryptocurrency trading tools gathered in one place.
YBT is home to cloud-based high-frequency automated bots for cryptocurrency trading. You will find two types of bots here:

X-bot - automated trading on the Binance spot market.
MyBotGarage - automated trading on the Binance futures market. Increase your passive income with modern automated trading methods.

Connect the world's largest and most popular cryptocurrency market, Binance, and start earning instantly.
YBT is a one-of-a-kind platform for exclusive trading instruments. Don't waste time looking for indicators, just visit YBT and use products like Oracool and Wavemeter.

OraCool is an extraordinary analytics tool for the Binance Futures Market. By analyzing huge amounts of data in various time frames, Oracool provides oversold and overbought results.
It is connected to the Binance futures market and is updated in real-time. It monitors and collects data on USDT pairs.Using historical data and moving averages in different time ranges, OraCool reports which pairs are more / less oversold or overbought. Knowing that the pair is oversold can be a signal to open a long position, and if the pair is overbought, it can be a signal to open a short position.
It is designed to be easy to understand for inexperienced and experienced crypto traders. Horizontal bars and dots show how much one pair is more / less oversold or overbought compared to others.

Wavemeter - Powerful trading tool for the Binance spot market. With Wavemeter, you can filter cryptocurrencies based on various metrics, timeframes, and technical indicators. Wavemeter is a service that displays Binance spot market pairs by assets in different time ranges, giving you live data in a table. With this tool, you will be able to see sorted pairs with different values.

We have also collected the most popular crypto widgets for you in one place, where you can find out information about the price of cryptocurrencies, fear indicator, bearish versus bull market indicator, currency volatility over different periods:

Fear & Greed index
Running Line
Bearish / Bullish Technical Score
Market Overview with top Winners/Losers

YBT is a one-stop cryptocurrency trading platform with a unique and intuitive interface. It includes many features and tools that are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.
We have created the Academy of our products for you, where you can find out all the detailed information on how to trade bots, how to use Oracool and Wavemeter, or make the right decisions in which direction, and which currency is better to trade at the moment.

We also have technical support in English and Russian, where they will answer all your questions.
Subscribe to our telegram channel and search yourbunnytrades_info
Search in Youtube YourBunnyTrades and visit our channel.
Our goal is to create a dedicated place under one roof where crypto enthusiasts can spend their time using our products to increase their income. We are constantly improving our products and you will be pleasantly surprised by the performance of our platform.


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