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Title: 5000 satoshi just for registration and Bitcoin Debit Card
Post by: Alrick on October 13, 2014, 10:00:55 PM
Free 5000 Satoshi (50.00 bits)  and More just for registration of your  most secured, insured and TRUSTED online Bitcoin Wallet with Xapo. With this wallet you can easily  send bitcoin tips via Twitter. Want to send someone a tip?
1.Connect to Twitter
2.Compose a tweet including...
- @mention the recipient of the tweet
- the hashtag #xapotip
 - the amount of bits you wish to send


More over you will be able to become an owner of a new Bitcoin Debit Card. Buying bitcoins with the new Xapo Debit Card is a very easy process  so you can instantly send money to family or friends. If you wish to get Xapo Debit card , you should pre-oder it at your account and as soon as it's ready Xapo team will contact you for shipping information, therefore you have to point your real name  while processing registration.  Fill in the form:
3.4 Digital Pin code(any 4 numbers)
5.Confirm password
7.Confirm  your email by clicking a confirmation link in a letter from Xapo in your mail box.
You should know that Debit Card is not free. It costs $15 but you can easily earn them, before your Bitcoin Card is ready to ship, by inviting your friends via Twitter,Facebook and other social groups. Whoever register through your referral link will bring you another 5000 satoshi  to your wallet (yes,100% ref.commissions),so the more people you let to know about Xapo Wallet and Bitcoin Debit Card the faster you  get yours.  All is up to you!
 Using this link: You  get 5000 satoshi (50. bits) for free, Secured Bitcoin Wallet and join a Group of Owners of Xapo Bitcoin Debit Card.
 You should know that The Wall Street Journal has describe Xapo as the Fort Knox of bitcoin storage, so if you’re looking to secure your bitcoins then you'd better choose Xapo. They’ve developed a new standard of bitcoin security and fully insure your assets in the Vault so that you can be assured your money is safe and sound.
Thank you for joining.
Title: Re: 5000 satoshi just for registration and Bitcoin Debit Card
Post by: Alrick on October 28, 2014, 04:01:19 AM
It's me again. Just want to notify that Moon faucet start to accept just Xapo wallet . Now you need only  email address registered at Xapo wallet to get Bitcoins instead of long Bitcoin address.