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Basic Bitcoin help for newcomers (Golden rule 1-2-3-4)

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1)Bitcoin wallet

2)Miner software:
Guiminer (best choice for newcomers, Windows only)

3)Mining hardware comparison:

4)Bitcoin pools (don't mine alone):

This will help you to start easily mine bitcoins :) and if you have issues our community here will gladly help you.

Now it’s important that people don’t just READ the basics, but understands them. It is the ONLY way forward towards a successful journey. It’s often hard to get all the knowledge but certainly not impossible.

Fortunately, for me it works well with Cryptolinks, which is basically the Crypto directory and combines up everything. One could get all guidance for Cryptocurrency Beginners. So, hope it helps!

They need to learn those kind of stuff, then they should start trading.

very details info for newbie, thanks for your sharing !

Thanks! For newbies it is useful.


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