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Basic Bitcoin help for newcomers (Golden rule 1-2-3-4)

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1)Bitcoin wallet

2)Miner software:
Guiminer (best choice for newcomers, Windows only)

3)Mining hardware comparison:

4)Bitcoin pools (don't mine alone):

This will help you to start easily mine bitcoins :) and if you have issues our community here will gladly help you.

A good directory website to find more miners and other useful links for Bitcoins and other Alternative coins is:

Always use search option before you even think to ask any questions. After you have done search and if you didnt get any relative response topics then try to ask your things politely and as informing you can. Do not use too many !!!??? symbols as those usually lead to ignore by fellow forum users.

Most important thing is to remember we all were once newbies, so "treat others as you want others to treat you"

MultiBit - a very fast alternative wallet.

I, in turn, would like to ask about the issue of buying a cryptocurrency in Dubai, is there no regulation?


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