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--- Quote from: FutureICO on May 09, 2019, 01:39:14 AM ---You will really be unfair to yourself if you try to trade in Cryptos like that. I suggest you to learn first properly.

--- End quote ---
Agreed, trading without knowledge is in no way going to bring any consistent returns. Research is a major step which almost every trader wishes to skip these days.

Ann Smith:
Good conditions gives StormGain. This is a new company with the lowest fees.
One click registration - enter your mail and start trade.
Trade with 100x multiplier.
24/7 access through mobile and desktop.
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0% commission for deposits and no hidden fees!

You find a cryptocurrency exchange and you trade, there are literally hundreds of those out there.

I use my cfd broker as they offer crypto.

Michael Richard:
It’s not exactly so easy to pick out the platform to trade Crypto but if we are doing hard work, it can get easier. I prefer working with a quality broker instead of exchange, as with that I can work on everything from Forex to Cryptos. One easy way to figure out this is through, as its simple ways to select up right brokers.


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