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can anyone tell me how to trade in cryptocurrency.

You will really be unfair to yourself if you try to trade in Cryptos like that. I suggest you to learn first properly. The best place I would suggest is Cryptolinks, where you get every possible information about Cryptocurrencies.

And with having right mind set in terms of what is required then you will always be moving towards right zone. If you start without learning then even if you make temporary profits, it will eventually turn into permanent losses.

You can register on crypto exchanges like Binance or Bittrex and try your way there. But before making any investments please spend a lot of time learning how everything works, how there was said above, check out Cryptolinks

You can find a comparison table of the best crytpocurrency exchange here :

* add filters
* search what pairs are available
* sort results
* more than 10 features compared : payment and withdrawal methods, security, available languages, anonymity level ...

there are many exchange out there you can choose such as binance, bittrex, kucoin, okex, huobi
you might want to consider their fees, security and how easy for you to topup


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