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BitCoin Black Hole
« on: February 18, 2013, 04:06:34 AM »

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  This will no doubt turn out to be a lame-brain question, but it would be nice to get
an answer to it.  I call it a BitCoin Black Hole Scenario.

 If a block-chain address becomes inactive (a wallet becomes lost, key-pair gone),
is it possible knowing such an address that someone could continue funneling BTCs
into it without the necessity of involving the PrivKey to that address?

  Could some wealthy someone funnel BTCs into adddress such that over time it becomes
a black hole, with no intent ever to use the coins that accumulate there (PrivKey would be
too difficult to regenerate, anyway) and all coins placed there inaccessible to everyone?

  Said another way, does every transaction involving a send-to address not only involve
the sender's signature (using sender's PrivKey), but also recipient's PrivKey such that
transaction is not completed on the block-chain until receiver also acknowledges (at some
point in time) the transaction which thereby involves the recipient's PrivKey?

 Thank You.


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