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Bitcoin price rise 8.52% today at $41,950.87, 24 hours high low,Low:$38,580.72 High:$42,465.67, data taken from coinmarketcap.
Is it possible to reach the $44k price level? everything is possible, but sometimes expectations may differ.

Bitcoin price today drops 6.03% at $39,526.0 price level, the price fails to reach resistance level $44k and get pressure from the seller and make the price drops again. in H1 now price decreasing volatility based Bollinger band indicator

Back up soon...

BTC's price today is $37,791.52, which drops 3.42% based on Coinmarketcap, on an hourly timeframe there are bears candle-formed long body, means the price increases volatility, but sometimes the long body candle followed by reverse movement, when trading margin with leverage, it may be tricky.

BTC price today $38,759.10 it's almost equal to the previous price, although its drops small 0.12%, now on hourly timeframe, BTC try to crosses upper band line, and formed long wick candle in the hourly timeframe, sometimes long wick considered as reversal pattern because after trending pressure then taking profit action leading the price drops again.

RSI level 65 indicator buy signal, MA 9 and 21 crosses indicate buy signal, upper band, may act as resistance or breakout level.

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