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Forecast for Bitcoin Price in the second half of the year -- the world's leading bitcoin trading platform on IXX Exchange

Bitcoin forecast for the second half of 2020!COINS, according to market data, short break through $12050, days or 4.1%, inflation 25.59%, it also makes the recent investment COINS are more and more, after all, who all want to make a fortune, but for some investors cautious, before without analysis of the second half of the currency, is not easily investment, then, in 2020 the currency in the second half of the forecast?Below, I have compiled the industry's top leaders' predictions on the price and outlook of Bitcoin in 2020, hoping to help investors.

1.Tom Lee Bitcoin price forecast

Former chief equity strategist JP Morgan, co-founder and head of research at Fundstrat, Tom Lee, argues that the break-even cost of mining one BTC is directly related to the price of cryptocurrencies.He thinks BTC will grow as he looks to more institutional investors to adopt bitcoin and as the bitcoin user base steadily grows.He said in a recent interview that bitcoin could deliver a 100 per cent return to investors by 2020, following the halving of bitcoin, which is expected in May 2020.

2. Tim Draper, one of the best-known venture capitalists, has predicted that bitcoin will account for 5% of the money market by 2023.He is optimistic that the price of Bitcoin could rise by $250,000 by 2023.

3.John McAfee bitcoin price forecast

John McAfee has been one of the stagnant bitcoin enthusiasts, offering his predictions from time to time.He has recently become more optimistic than ever, saying bitcoin could reach $1 million by 2020.Other bitcoins, such as Apollo and MTC, are likely to rise 10 times as fast as BTC enthusiasts.He recently said his past prediction of $1 million for Bitcoin was just a ruse.
McAfee predicts that 10 years from now, "there will be no legal tender in the world and everything will be cryptocurrency."

Whatever the market, there are a lot of uncertainty, when they are feeling the change of the market, which is the best time to enter an ambush, that is, the best buy COINS, after all, only maintained high alertness of investors, to seize the opportunity to make money, and, once found the crisis, also can stop loss with the fastest speed.Beginners can look at the timing when they want to invest in cryptocurrencies, for example, it's a good time to invest, and the lower the price of bitcoin, the more cost-effective it is to get into it.
You can use the IXX Exchange ( to help you.IXX Exchange you support hundreds of cryptocurrency transactions, including Bitcoin, Cardano, OMG, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Coincoin, and more, to meet the needs of all users.


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