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March 6th 2014

This is for BITCOINS

I decided to make a post where I can store(and share) my favorite, CURRENT best websites to use for bitcoins especially for limited users like me (iPhone /android only). I will keep updating it as much as possible and will also take ideas for new sites. This post HAS been done before, but the purpose of this one is to have the current/highest yielding sites.these are especially noob friendly. lets start;

Note; please use my referral links so I'm continually interested to update this! Or donate to;




I just got promoted highly on a new PTP/ptc/traffic exchange that is the first of its kind to pay in both paypal AND bitcoins! You can easily earn .05 cents a day paypal$ or bitcoins your choice, in 10 minutes max on JUST the ptc ads. Also a great traffic exchange and owned by owners of bitcoin blizzard.i was awarded with a personal high paying faucet I will share with TBN;

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Make sure to signup if you like the site!
Non ref is not really available as it's my personal faucet.

This is by far my favorite. I've earned a few uBtC only using my iPhone.Very easy and fast earning here! Requires some thinking but mainly watch videos or complete easyyyy tasks for BTC.
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This is my second fav, bittoclick. Also requires some thinking but more focused on just visiting a few short timed websites for btc.
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 Bitvisit.or is also really good but having issues.

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This is the main one you hear about; QoinPro. Simply sign up once and earn SEVERAL different crypto-currency's passively. They credit you in bitcoin,litecoin, and many others ever day and it WILL bring you money one day if not right away. Signup now if you haven't already!
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this is my favorite and one of few sites that offer not only a GENEROUS faucet, but you can also keep stacking from it then wait til you have a decent amount, then bet all! (My strategy).
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Play very simple games like Rock Paper Scissors etc against other people for a pot.I think you get 100 tokens free(a lot) if you use my referral.
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Please use my referrals so I may keep updating this. Suggest sites below!


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