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HELP! I've lost access to my Bitcoins!


Hey everybody, I really need help!  Today when I logged onto my computer for my daily bitcoin check I opened up Multibit where I house my coins to find that my wallets had disappeared completely! I had failed to back them up with a private key because I couldn't figure out how, and figured I'd do it at somepoint soon but not it's too late and my bitcoins are gone!  What's really weird is I went into the application files and the files of the existance of my 2 wallets that had bitcoins in them are not there, but my other wallets I have created that have no bitcoins in them are there!  It's weird, it's like someone hacked my computer and deleted just those 2 wallet files and left everything else.  It's very eerie and equally distressing.  I have about 39 bitcoins in total and with today's prices that's over a thousand dollars which is more than the cash I have to my name.  Is there anything I can do? Can I access them online and recover them some how or are they lost forever?  There is data on my computer of me logging into the Multibit client and accessing my two wallets but the files that house them have vanished.  Please Help!  I'll even throw a bitcoin to whoever can help me recover them if it's even possible!


Run Photo rec. Its recovers files sector vise.
Try and see if that works. Once I recovered 60 files out of 69 and this is a very good software. Not sure if it will be able to recover but it 'works'. Test it
But be sure to let it finish. Depending on disk size it can take hours to check for deleted files.  for about my 2gb card it took about 25 min.

If not this use the one that comes with BACKTRACK. Others do not work to such efficiency.

If it helped and you want to help then --> 1HL9oDrDMrPQu1Nf3zMpM2t4EHkhkbmoWX

List of file formats recovered by it


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