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My Birthday Party or Avril Lavigne’s NFT ?
« on: May 26, 2023, 02:48:45 AM »

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 Hello everyone, I’m currently in my final year at the University and my birthday is coming up on June 14Th 2023; since this is my final semester at the University, I intend to have a very loud, unsober and memorable birthday party – with lots of food, wine, beer, music, fireworks and pictures/selfies. However, my brother, wants me to spend the money I’ve budgeted for my upcoming birthday on Avril Lavigne’s NFT listed at Opensea.

My brother believes, it is a much more better investment in comparison to me and my friends having a fun filled birthday party, he believes Avril Lavigne’s NFT at Opensea and the price of Bitcoin/Ethereum will rise in value by five times or more within the next three 3 years; thus I will earn a huge profit from my investment in Avril Lavigne’s NFT at Opensea. Ryan my brother is a nerd, all he talks about all day is blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum, internet and technology; he despises my friends (except for Breanne), he does not like them much because they love partying, going out to watch movies and shopping for new clothes and shoes. The only friend of mine that he likes is Breanne; Breanne is a nerd like him, talks geek stuffs with him and she is our next door neighbour – we all grew up together. The only reason I have bitcoins and ethereums today, is because of Ryan – he made me buy BTCs and ETHs when they were selling for $5 – five dollars and $25 – twenty-five dollars.

I currently have ten 10 bitcoins and one hundred 100 ethereums; this is my budget for my upcoming birthday. Ryan says I should only have a quiet sober time with my boyfriend, mother, father, three 3 other siblings, himself and Breanne at McDonalds; yeah Ryan is very cheap, he does not understand what it means to enjoy life and live lavish once in a while; what is wrong in me partying like a Princess in her final year at the University; majority of my classmates, I will never see them again, the memory I will have with me is the videos and pictures of them partying with me on my birthday in my final year. Ryan says I can get their contact details and when I sell my Avril Lavigne’s NFT in the next three 3 years time (or less) for huge profits, I can send text messages to all my friends and classmates, to party with me. Honestly, I’m a bit confused; I guess I will go ahead with my birthday party as planned and forget about Avril Lavigne’s NFT at Opensea .

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