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Bitcoin Forum Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Last update Jan-14-2019

* What is Membergroup or Member rank?
Membergroups are groups of members that have similar permission settings, appearance, or access rights. Some membergroups are based on the amount of posts a user has made.

* Regular groups:
- Administrator- Global Moderator- Banned
* Post count based groups:
Group NameRequired posts- Newbie0- Jr. Member50- Full Member100- Sr. Member250- Hero Member500- Legendary Member750
* Under construction. ;) Sorry.

FAQ is very helpful thing!


--- Quote from: aman_98 on July 12, 2020, 10:23:00 PM ---i will never wait to btc to drop or increase anymore, i waited since but it seems bad, i bought miner to start with my own many websites selling,  take one of them

--- End quote ---
mining is now very unprofitable unfortunate[/size]ly ::)

Thanks for the FAQ. I think it will be useful for Newbies as me ;)

It would be great if it is provided in detail and from genuine source otherwise its waste of time.

Extremely helpful info specially the ultimate forum content for me and, I take care of such info much. I used to be seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank you very much for sharing and good luck for new posts. I am really big fan of your many contents.


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