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Bitcoin Forum supports Bitmessage project

Bitcoin Forum supports Bitmessage project.

We have added a custom field for Bitmessage address. If you have a bitmessage address it will appear on every post and on your profile close to your signature.

What is Bitmessage ? It is a Peer‐to‐Peer Message Authentication and Delivery System. Like a P2P email system.

--- Quote ---Abstract. We propose a system that allows users to securely send
and receive messages, and subscribe to broadcast messages, using a
trustless decentralized peer‐to‐peer protocol. Users need not
exchange any data beyond a relatively short (around 36 character)
address to ensure security and they need not have any concept of
public or private keys to use the system. It is also designed to mask
non‐content data, like the sender and receiver of messages, from
those not involved in the communication.
--- End quote ---

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Thanks for sharing this information, seem really a good guide


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