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dodo is BACK!!!

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OK today is last wait day for current payment plan. I wish also to get some ++ cause of long waiting time!
Last pm that i got from dodo was including notice of "payment 15th day of this month" so i consider it as promise to pay.

--- Quote ---If payment isnt fulfilled in next 12h starting from this post time (not editing time), it means that current deal is off
and new deal is written. Cause of long waiting time new deal consider new worth value 0.089598 per LTC
which means 6039.8LTC x 0.089598$ =  541.10$ + PP$ = ~556$. Also if worth of ltc goes under 0.07
i reserve right to get whole payment amount in LTC instead of dollars.

This new deal is "written as loan to dodoking" and every week +1.75% is added to top of current LTC loan amount
until payment is fulfilled completely. This means rarely ~15ltc by day for 6039 start point!

I have been understanding and patient but i have my limits too.

--- End quote ---

As there were no payment in LTC or Dollars, new deal has taken its place.

Another week has passed without paymen.

First IR 1.75% is added.

6039 + 105.6 (interest rate 1.75%) =  6144,6

I think it seems that no payment will arrive today either. So next IR will be added! Im feeling sad as Dodo isnt even informing anything.

Second IR 1.75% is added.

6144,6 + 107.5 (interest rate 1.75%) =  6252.1

DODOKING pls get in touch, im becoming worried!

It seems dodo has vanished.. :( no reply nor any info at all... so sad as i did trusted him as friend.. but now im just pissed off and angry..
He didnt sent my silver prize i winned in hes competition even i posted my real life address to him twice...

Another week has passed without payment.

Third IR 1.75% is added.

6252.1+109.4 (interest rate 1.75%) =  6361,5

//I start to believe hes not gonna pay anything...


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