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dodo is BACK!!!

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:( dodo has left.. its sad that he chose to disapper without any info and lied about paying back... now another week has passed and no payment or info.

its quite annoying to know that someone runned away with my money :/ anyway life sucks and this shit happen situation makes me more stronger.

I now request removal of DODOKING'S mod right cause he actings in this matter, no moderator member ever should do things like dodo has done for me.

I think admin of this board will aknowledge that trust is the matter that keeps people going... if none can trust mod why should he have that status...

added  111.3ltc last time as i know he wont pay anything anyway...  6361,5+111,5=6473ltc
Well, I don't know what the deal you have with him but sounds like he is aware about this because he oppened the thread and you have talked with him about this.

So... I have to agree to you. ;(
Have you contacted him outside of this thread (pm, others sites, email, etc)?

Let's wait another week for a reply or solution.

I have dodoking in my steam, but last online for hes account was 67 days ago. i've got hes mail addy and ill send him mail considering this matter.
Anyway trust issue still exists either i contact or not ... as moderators should be active.
No response until today. Thats sad.

I have removed him from the staff. ;(


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