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dodo is BACK!!!

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yeah no reply, hes vanished... he runned with my coins and thats sad... bloody yankee!

Update as i sent email to dodoking and he reply:

Dodokings reply:
I go back to work in 2 weeks. I can start making payments once I go back to my regular work schedule at my new job.
I haven't forgotten about you. I just had many legal issue's with that company that never paid me.
The physical coin was a btc coin. Resend me your address and I will have it sent promptly

I wrote wrote:

hiya mate, where r u... im still waiting your payment and ltc physical coin :(
pls contact asap for re-arrenge...
yours, karhu (rtech)

* * *

--- Quote ---So as there is hope i started to count and publish IR again.

23/11/2012 = 5th IR 6474+113,27=6586.27
30/11/2012 = 6th IR 6586+115.26=6701.53
07/12/2012 = 7th IR 6701.53+117,28=6818.81
14/12/2012 = 8th IR 6818.81+119,33=6938.14
21/12/2012 = 9th IR 6938.14+121.42=7059.56LTC + 15$ PP
--- End quote ---

Weekly IR again added!

28/12/2012 = 10th IR 7059.56+123,54=7183,1LTC + 15$ PP

To not spam too mutch, here is 2 weeks IR calc's
( IR info here:!!!/msg1318/#msg1318 )

4/1/2013 = 11 IR 7183,1+125,70=7308,8LTC + 15$ PP
11/1/2013 = 12 IR 7308,8+127,9=7436,7LTC + 15$ PP


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