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dodo is BACK!!!

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After leaving over 1400 miles away for over a month... I have returned home and to the community!!! Now to catch up on things here.


Im still waiting my prize from competition and my ltc's :D also pp 15$, no worries glad you're back :D

Hey Bud,

Can you send your home address again and I will have the prize out quickly.  Also I was wondering if I could pay all PP so I don't have to worry about getting the ltc off an exchange.  If this sounds alright to you then just let me know how much cash you want on top of the 15$ to pay off the ltc debt as well...

Sorry I didn't get this taken care of sooner my friend.  Just message me what you want to do and I will have it sent your way as soon as my check from out of town comes in.

Many regards,

What about rate 1ltc=0.0385$
==232.5$ +15$ = 247.5$

You still have my trust and i accept divided amount deal also so you dont need to pay all at once.
Just tell here your payment plan so its public :) Ill pm you my snailmail addy :D

I just wanna say heil dodoking! ;-)


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