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PSA: Twitter scammers replying promising to give away coins

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PSA: It comes to our attention that some Twitter scam are going on right now.

Some scammers are replying to our twitts promising to give away coins if you send some coins to their address.

Their post looks like it's come from our Twitter account. Don't fall victim to this scam. We are not giving away anything! Be careful!

As long as you only provide your Twitter username on giveaways like this I think it is safe. If you're asked to deposit crypto to a certain account or even click a link that could lead to a phishing site, stay away from that promo.


There are many scammers how the earth wears them. Do not lose your head, be careful!

This still exists even its 2020, lol! But it wasn't Twitter, on my part was through Telegram. Messaging me in a friendly tone and offered me like sending BTC to my address but he said I need to pay the fees first or something. I blocked him instantly. Awareness is the key. We shouldn't fall as a victim.

Мелони Трамп:
yee, You need to be more careful

Nobody won't give you money for free. Maybe only airdrops when you do something to get coins.


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