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PSA: Twitter scammers replying promising to give away coins

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PSA: It comes to our attention that some Twitter scam are going on right now.

Some scammers are replying to our twitts promising to give away coins if you send some coins to their address.

Their post looks like it's come from our Twitter account. Don't fall victim to this scam. We are not giving away anything! Be careful!

Thank you for the info

I lost 3 bitcoins to a scam that was a very big mistake I cant forget

Thanks noticing this! This is very old scam trick


--- Quote from: Miralem on May 10, 2018, 06:41:16 PM ---Well, everything, Forum MMGP scam Pavel Krymov recognized fraudulent by court decision. Roskomnadzor is on the line?

--- End quote ---

We should be very careful, guys.


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