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PSA: Twitter scammers replying promising to give away coins

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PSA: It comes to our attention that some Twitter scam are going on right now.

Some scammers are replying to our twitts promising to give away coins if you send some coins to their address.

Their post looks like it's come from our Twitter account. Don't fall victim to this scam. We are not giving away anything! Be careful!

Money markets are full of scammers and they will try to attack you on any platform whether you are on a website, social media platform, or any where else. You need to stay sharp and patient before taking any decision related to your investments. Thanks!

Be careful because there are a lot of Scammers here on the Internet... I am glad that in my portfolio I have only BTC, Doge, and MUSD...

hope he not offer quiz or any pay for join

Scam Alert!

Its helpful admin because a lot of people get into these kinds of scams without judging the credibility of the source


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