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Author Topic: EPOSCO A smart platform that makes investment funds accessible to everyone.  (Read 1022 times)

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What's the biggest difference between the stock market and more than half of these failed altcoins?
One of the main goals of a corporation is to MAKE MONe,y FOR ITS SHAREHOLDERS, which is the same reason that these shareholders buy in.

My program fixes this disparity, as it operates like a hedge fund but for crypto, effectively lowering the barriers to entry! Previously only minimum $1M and up are even allowed to invest in hedge funds. But here, we can remove that because of the anonymity of crypto, anyone with as little amounts can start!

Presenting the Reposco ICO! Fully backed and incorporated in the UK, whose main goal is to increase the price of each token, and make each and every one of us mone,y. Price is projected to move from $0.05 to $1 after the first year, pretty easily.

Join here:


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