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Gzutek - Bitcoin Slang (Epic ₿itcoin Rap Song) MUST WATCH!!!

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Gzutek - Bitcoin Slang (Epic ₿itcoin Rap Song)

(Published on Nov 15, 2019)

--- Quote ---It is with great pleasure I present you with 'Bitcoin Slang', the epic Bitcoin song breaking down Bitcoin slang and Bitcoin terminology with a fun, light and entertaining approach via rap.

Bitcoin tips are kindly appreciated: 3PKuMziWioVeG2Uac8C1VZXRRYfW61E5Yu

--- End quote ---

super ahahah

Hahaha, the song is really epic. Quite funny, thanks!

Dora WalletInvestor:
This is so great! I loved it and the ending is very strong :D

Haha, so nice song! It is really funny

Nice one :D Do you know any other cool BTC songs? I need to have a playlist! :D


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