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Author Topic: The Autonomous Internet District  (Read 818 times)

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The Autonomous Internet District
« on: April 24, 2015, 06:59:27 AM »
Please allow me to share with you the first press release from the Autonomous Internet District. This sovereign community needs more attention for it is very progressive and is set to bring creative changes to the internet, especially to the way people perceive the net.

The website and community are in prelaunch and thus we welcome all feedback in order to improve our communications with the world.

It is advised to read everything published on the website so far in order to fully understand and appreciate what is being built.

Koen Jacobs,

General District Officer

Autonomous Internet District

Press Release: Autonomous Internet District Launches Real-World Revolution

The World Has Officially Changed… Really, it HAS!, April 21, 2015 – The Autonomous Internet District today launched their new website –   – as they introduced their sovereign community to the world, claimed to be the next revolution in society. This new community comes with even a Declaration of Sovereignty and a Charter for governance.

Around the globe, people and organizations are constantly engaged in broadening their world views, expanding their experiences and their expectations in life. At the Autonomous Internet District it is not any different. The times when individuals and organizations were bound by the policies and laws of their states and governments are fading away ever faster. Alternatives have been presented and are manifesting themselves more explicitly by the day. The Autonomous Internet District is very well aware of these changes and the times ahead. But changes don’t have to equal insecurity, in fact the Autonomous Internet District proves that all too clearly.

Looking back, lets say 15 years ago, and envisioning what is to come in the next decade or so the emergence of a sovereign community like the Autonomous Internet District is a natural evolution, it was simply meant to be, meant to exist, meant to rise… today.

According to Koen Jacobs, the Autonomous Internet District’s General District Officer, “the number of entrepreneurs that have a business, especially online, but have no need for a location for their business is practically exploding. Literally thousands and thousands of people are commercially active but they see no value in paying rent every month for an office they don’t actually need since their office is online including all their software that they can use at any location of their choice all the time, yet governments often demand and other companies prefer that these entrepreneurs can be reached in an official manner at a real location.”

What the Autonomous Internet District does is providing these people – “who in the end also create jobs and help to expand the local and global economy,” says Mr. Jacobs – with real solutions, useful and real-world alternatives for their needs through a simple yet effective online approach.

“Our initial purpose, is to provide residentships to natural persons, companies and non profit organizations. As registered residents in the Autonomous Internet District these natural and legal persons have official addresses that they can and do use in their correspondence with any other person, company or government” claims Mr. Jacobs, referring to the three types of residentships that the Autonomous Internet District currently offers.

Mr. Jacobs also compared their new services to the use of PO boxes. “Many companies and offshore corporations for instance use PO boxes as their main office addresses but often these companies don’t always have full control over the mail that is being received at these addresses and there’s pretty much always a middleman who needs to process the documents and correspondence. We put people in full control over all their correspondence that they receive at their official addresses in the Autonomous Internet District. Both commercial and non profit residents.”

But the Autonomous Internet District is much more than that.

For instance, companies and non profit organizations with different branches may find it very useful and financially interesting to have one or more branches or their main office(s) registered in the Autonomous Internet District. No company or organization is the same and so their needs and expectations too equally vary.

As for everyone else, well, whatever your needs are in life and no matter how common or complex your personal situation is an individual residentship in the Autonomous Internet District can benefit you and your loved ones.

Many people travel as an employee, many people see life quite or drastically different than what their government imposes, many people have the urge to improve their lives, many also want freedom in different ways. All these people can find wonderful solutions in the Autonomous Internet District and the services that are being provided.

Change, improvement, freedom, liberty, revolutions… it all starts with reviewing our personal perceptions, making things happen and taking action. The Autonomous Internet District says it is convinced that they “facilitate this” and that they will “open doors to the future that people envisage.”


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