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Author Topic: Spacebot: a real opportunity to deal with depression  (Read 4187 times)

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Spacebot: a real opportunity to deal with depression
« on: April 28, 2020, 06:54:30 PM »
The current global situation can upset even a man with nerves of steel.
The COVID-19 pandemic, markets and global economy collapsing, Bitcoin falling and so on. Despite all these, there is always a chance for feat. This is the POS mining rise and growth of Spacebot popularity.

World horror story

New coronavirus pandemic is spreading all over the world and the global economy is deteriorating. On the basis of asset prices it’s obvious that COVID-19 is not only a problem of China, but also the world crisisStocks, corporate bonds, real estate, oil, most metals and cryptos as well got hit in result of slowdown of global economy and current market uncertainties. The recent 40% Bitcoin fall and its inability to act as safe haven for assets in rough time caused much excitement of Bitcoin critics.It goes not only for BTC.

According to CoinMarketCap, the 10 biggest crypto assets in the world demonstrate more than 30% fall, except for USDT, the only stable coin among top 10.Sudden drop in prices turned out to be a problem not only for investors but for crypto exchanges as well. A sudden influx of users for sales and hedging has put the most important exchange`s feature to the test. It’s their liquidity and technical capacities.As it turned out even the most eminent platforms experienced problems in varying degrees. For instance, one leading exchange`s spots were delayed and futures trading system appeared to be overloaded. Besides this, there were errors occurring on some resourses` servers and also malfunctions of futures trading and over-the-counter deals. The depth issue was revealed since it appeared to be not as good as the public claimed.

Even OKEx, famous for its systems security and sustainability faced a problem of application crashes. Fortunately, most of such problems were quickly solved. But traders still bear this experience in mind and it will affect their choice in future.

Shit around but we muddle through

Bitcoin turned out to be not such a good store of value as many used to think. Young age and lack of credibility. But it doesn't mean there is no sense in Bitcoin storage these days. Gents, nobody cancelled HODLing yet. And this goes not only for BTC.Yes, the price may drop even lower. And yes, in recent weeks Bitcoin has been more like a loose cannon than a digital gold. But imagine how much money you will lose if the bank where you keep your hard-earned cash collapses? So HODL, because the time will come and you will pat yourself on such decision.And what about paramining? Hedging, halving, crisis - whatever happens it doesn`t care for that. If you seize such opportunity as PoS coins paramining you`ll find out it`s not that bad. Having bought some coins and following our advice to HODL, you get this money straight in your wallet. And that`s not all. You can benefit a lot from SpaceBot assistance as it will do your job for you. The more coins you send on PoS mining, the bigger the income.If you don`t want to suffer from loneliness in such challenging times of economic collapse, you just need to get a merry band of your paramining referrals. They get their profit, and you get a share from their participation.

Listening to the voice of common sense

If the pandemic consequences appear to be worse than the 2008 global financial crisis, then following all the advice given in this article would be the wise decision. Even in case of banking failures, cash deficit and payment systems collapse you will still have access to your savings.Besides this, crypto, unlike gold, may be effectively used as a currency. In the event of traditional financial system`s collapse merchants and retailers all over the world will start accepting cryptocurrencies, and it may become the guarantee for financial stability for you and your family.Althought this scenario looks rather grim, the recent events have shown it`s better not to succumb to pessimism but to prepare thoroughtly. May the Spacebot help you!

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Re: Spacebot: a real opportunity to deal with depression
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2020, 04:11:30 AM »
So, as I understand, people should use the bot for mining, earn money and it will save them from depression?

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Re: Spacebot: a real opportunity to deal with depression
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2020, 03:18:06 PM »
I am not sure I follow that logic too.

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Re: Spacebot: a real opportunity to deal with depression
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2020, 12:05:56 PM »
Depression is a consequence of frequent stress. But this is treated with a modern CBD oil with a high content of cannabidiol. Many of you may be interested in learning about is cbd oil legal in uk. My answer is yes. In the UK, they make and sell one of the highest quality and most effective CBD oils in the world.

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Re: Spacebot: a real opportunity to deal with depression
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2020, 11:06:03 AM »
Depression can be treated with normal communication, meeting friends and taking walks in the fresh air. In order to get out of a stressful state, a person needs to be wrapped in love and not to escalate the situation.

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Re: Spacebot: a real opportunity to deal with depression
« Reply #5 on: June 02, 2020, 03:14:58 PM »
Thanks for your recommendations!

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Re: Spacebot: a real opportunity to deal with depression
« Reply #6 on: Yesterday at 10:03:42 AM »
In some countries, people actively use cryptocurrency as a payment for a product / service, but still many countries still prohibit the use of cryptocurrency and any transactions are considered fraudulent.


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