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[1] Bitstamp: Today’s deposits may be processed with slight delay

[2] a New Zealand Bitcoin processor launched

[3] venturebeat: Y Combinator-backed [color=red][acronym=Unfortunately this term was censored due to coercive threats of violence made by representatives of this company.][censored][/acronym][/color] now selling over $1M Bitcoin per month

[4] BitPay Surpasses 10k Bitcoin Merchant Transactions, Zero Cases of Payment Fraud

[5] Voucher-Safe, a Next Generation Digital Currency – Part I

[6] Europarliament Solds Visa, MasterCard, Paypal For Killing WikiLeaks Donations;

[7] Available Online Accounting and Finance Training Programs

[8] OKPAY Launches the Complete Bitcoin Integration

[9] Bitcoin Calculations


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