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Author Topic: Automatic bounties have arrived!  (Read 1916 times)

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Automatic bounties have arrived!
« on: October 09, 2018, 11:29:18 PM »

CoinClaim carries bounty programs that go straight to your wallet!

CoinClaim is the first SaaS marketing tool dedicated to promote airdrops, bounty programs, contests, and others in a fully automated form. 8) 8)

At CoinClaim the only thing you need to do is to register as user, then look for a program to participate in, and... Boom! Crypto assets go directly to your wallet, as simple as that! :D :D :D

CoinClaim was developed as a marketing tool for companies who want to put the power of the internet (You) to work for them. To reward you for your work, they have set a token reward amount for each campaign you sign up for and complete. It’s really that simple. Join a CoinClaim campaign, complete the task(s), and get free tokens. ;D ;D ;D

What's the best way to show the crypto world the new bounty experience? For sure, by creating a bounty program ourselves. 8) 8)

$500,000 will be at stake, :o :o :o so if you'd like to get CLM tokens just register and follow the process.

[/size]Limited number of tokens in this first round.

[/size]Terms are on the website.

[/size]Cheating or spam will result in revocation of bounty. :( :( :(


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