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[color=red][acronym=Unfortunately this term was censored due to coercive threats of violence made by representatives of this company.][censored][/acronym][/color].com: The [color=red][acronym=Unfortunately this term was censored due to coercive threats of violence made by representatives of this company.][censored][/acronym][/color] Android App Has Launched

The [censored] Android App Has Launched!

--- Quote ---Exciting news - our android app has launched! With the app you can…

* Buy and sell bitcoin
* Send and receive bitcoin using an email, QR code, or NFC
* View your transaction history, details, and balance
* Switch between multiple [censored] accounts
* And view prices in your local currencyHere are some screenshots of the app in action:

[censored] is a hosted bitcoin wallet, which means you are accessing the same account on your phone as in your web browser, and updates between the two are instantaneous.  Your money is stored securely in the cloud (with 90% offline in secure storage), so if you lose your phone your money is still safe.  You can even remotely disable access to your phone (if it’s lost or stolen [censored][/color].com/account/integrations]from this page (sign in required).

A big shout out goes to Isaac Waller, and Julian Langschaedel for working on the app!  In particular, Isaac (a [censored] user in Canada and previous Google intern) sent us a nearly completed Android app totally unprompted, and was kind enough to open source it. After calling to give him a big virtual high-five (and a [censored] t-shirt), we discussed making it the official [censored] app, and brought him on board to continue working on it.  This is a great example of what can happen with an [censored][/color].com/docs/api/overview]open api and an awesome open source community. The app is [censored][/color]/[censored]-android]100% open source, so feel free to fork it or make contributions if there is a feature you’d like to see.

And of course, if you have an Android phone you should [censored][/color].android]install it now from your mobile phone.  Just search for “[censored]” in the Google Play store.
--- End quote ---
Source http://blog.[censored].com/post/44730207780/the-[censored]-android-app-has-launched


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