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Author Topic: Make 180% of your investment - possible?  (Read 2674 times)

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Make 180% of your investment - possible?
« on: April 14, 2017, 05:19:15 PM »
Hello everybody,

Yes, I know that many people do not want believe me what I am going to write here and I would like to emphasize that I just present you this "robot", and do not force anyone to participate.

What is this robot?
Everything runs via Telegram: Either by app or also in the browser as a web app. At Telegram, you start a "conversation" with a bot that will guide you through the whole process. That's why it's called "robot". If you're absolutely convinced, then you can deposit directly. Minimum is 0.02 BTC (about $20) and there is no maximum amount. There is also a community with 1,600 members, who are always happy to help you with any question / problem

What can you earn?
Every 4 hours 1% on the investment, this is 6% daily. After 30 days the investment runs out and you then have made 180%, so that's 80% profit. A few examples:
 - You are investing the minimum of 0.02 BTC and have made a profit of 0.036 BTC after the 30 days
 - With 0.2 BTC the profit would be 0.16 BTC
 - If you dare to invest 1 BTC, your profit could more than $800 after 30 days!

Hundreds of users have already been able to increase their investment with the bot! That's a FACT

How can the pay me that much and what about the risk?
Unfortunately one is left in the dark a bit, but it seems to work with "SureBets". These are safe sports bets (or other bets) that can only be won. This can actually work (I myself have already tried). The fact is that the bot has been running since the beginning of March and is still paying off reliably. Nevertheless, he could of course go "offline" every minute and all investments would be lost. Therefore, only invested those amounts, which could be sustained in the worst case.

How do I join?
1) If you have not already done, register to Telegram: Android (http s:// . com/store/apps/details?id=org.telegram.messenger) / iOS (http s:// Com / de / app / telegram-messenger / id686449807? Mt = 8) / Web (http s://web.
2) Go to the following link: https :// betrobotbot/?start=6f8f1b [with your browser (with the web app) or with your mobile phone (for Android + iOS)]
3) Start the "conversation" with the bot. He will guide you through the whole process and clarify any questions. Important: You can try it, it is non-committal, you only get in when you send Bitcoins independently to the Bot! (And not just by starting the conversation) [/ b]
My experiences so far:
Investments: 0.105 BTC
Days: 2 days
Profit till toda: 0.0126 BTC

Does not go bad so far :)


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