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I am a very thermophilic person in my life, so it can be very difficult to survive the winter cooling, and even with frequent frosts. Therefore, when the question of where I can buy real estate became in the subject, the answer suggested itself. Of course in Dubai. One year ago, I rested in this city for a couple of weeks at a time when we had winter and when I arrived from a hot country, I could not adapt for a long time. Where can I see properties in Dubai for sale?

Of course, if you are a heat-loving person, then the Emirates will suit you in terms of climate. For example, I can’t go there in the summer because of the extreme heat. I prefer March and April or autumn in November when there is the most comfortable period. Well, you will live there well, considering your wishes.

I do not plan to live in Dubai permanently. All the same, I have a good job in the states and my own house. But we will go there on vacation with the family with pleasure. After all, the cost of living in the Emirates is high, and if you live in your own housing, it will certainly be more economical, and you can rent an apartment.

Well, this is how life will show. Perhaps over time you will get tired of traveling back and forth and you will still be able to find yourself a good job and then you can generally move to live in Dubai. After all, you will not be comfortable in any way during the winter when there will be frosts and snowfalls. And your property in Dubai will attract you like a magnet. That's how many do it. They buy immediately for a while, but it turns out for good.

Thank you for your real estate recommendation in Dubai. There are a lot of good deals out there, and I even picked a few to ask my family for advice. Well, as for moving permanently to Dubai, I don’t think about it yet, but I can’t give a guarantee either. Well, fate is unpredictable.


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