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MH370 stolen by Free Miners Society


What would you do if you had the equivalent of millions of dollars in BTC – a currency you can use for any transaction you wish, from buying a teenth of weed to funding a rebellion in another country, had secured several influential positions in major governments of the world and wanted to get a means of transportation as discrete and unobstructed as is your cryptocurrency of choice? Of course you’d get a jet. But not a simple jet. You’d get the one no one knows exists and big enough to match any of your desired cargo. Like Boeing 777-200.

Find a rout flying over the ocean so if it supposedly crashes nobody can find the debris. Contact the pilots skilled enough to shadow another flight thus hiding from radars and buy them off with BTC – no one can trace who paid who and for what. Prepare a landing site anywhere between Thailand and Spain eastern coast. Grease some palms in Malaysian government to look for a crashed plane somewhere you want them to. Hide the aircraft in the shadow of another one until you reach the airfield, land, get rid of passengers, dismantle the transponder, conceal any on-hull insignia: voila, you’ve got your own plane!

If the rumored Bitcoin Freemasons do exist who’s to say they couldn’t pull this off with the MH370? A Singapore Airlines 68 flight was close enough at the time of its disappearance to hide in its radar shadow and the Malaysian pilots could land anywhere between Singapore and Barcelona. Now the secret Society has a jet in their disposal which could be used to transport important people, laundered cash, even weapons discretely all around the globe.

Source: newbielink: [nonactive]

Let me know what do you guys think about this?

but i think non about bitcoin matters because it no link about it. maybe it is about their country politic


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