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Moving: The 9 most important elements that should not be forgotten



Moving: The 9 most important elements that should not be forgotten.
Every move to a new place of residence will be stressful. We can consider ourselves the coolest people in this world, but the vision of a new apartment and a completely alien environment from time to time will cause quite unpleasant sensations. Emotions associated with a change of residence can sometimes bother us so much that when preparing for this event, we forget about several important points. Today we present the 9 most important elements that you absolutely should not forget when preparing for the move. Read in the blog "Antina Anta - my view"
1. Make sure that the transport company is insured.
In many cases, we decide to use the help of a moving company, which will first pick up things from our current apartment, transport them to a new place on the appropriate transport, and then bring them there. When choosing, it is obvious to check the experience of such a company, but we often forget to make sure that the company has insurance. Theoretically, each such entrepreneur should have liability insurance, from which money will be paid to us if our property is damaged or destroyed. In practice, however, there are still companies that don't care about this element or the insurance policy is extremely unattractive to customers. It's worth checking out.
2. Be sure to prepare for the replacement of locks.
If you are moving into a newly purchased house or apartment from the secondary market, be sure to prepare for the replacement of locks. Do this almost immediately after arriving at a new place. You can never be sure how many people the previous owner gave the keys to the apartment to. It is better to put new locks and sleep peacefully.

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