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Revolution in Ukraine

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Hello. First want to apologize for the bad english. I want to ask you to bring the situation which occurs in Ukraine. At this moment million people came out of their homes in order to protest and defend their rights. The government are committed various provocations (throw weapons) as well as attacks by the special. services and police. My brother was beaten for what he peacefully protested so that this lawlessness and touched our family.

To arrange a meeting and donations had been made site: newbielink: [nonactive]
All received money will be spent on the purchase of food, water, tents for meeting.

Please take a minute of time, follow the link, and you help support us. One helping someone, you will not be without help at the right moment. It is very important for us now decide the fate of our country.

May God bless you.

It's not clear, some are EU friends and some are in love with Russia.


More than 30 residents of Kiev have took part in a peaceful protest against the referendum March 16, 2014, speaking for the integrity of Ukraine. The rally was organised by the initiative facebook group "The Last World War".
Participants of the rally got undressed on the steps of the City Hall of the capital trying to attract public attention to the agression of the Russian armed forces on the Crimean Peninsula."Peace to the World", "No to the war", "Putin - no!" was shouted by the protesters .
Also worth mentioning that the participants of the rally organized raising of money to support the Crimean population who have suffered of Putin's annexation. Fund-raising occurs in the form of popular Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin and Dogecoin.
Earlier, the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars urged Crimean residents for a boycott of the referendum.
On Friday, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine decided that all the actions of the Parliament of autonomy, including actions for the referendum, do not correspond to the Constitution of Ukraine .

newbielink: [nonactive]

Charlie Prime:
The CIA bots are hard at work.

Charlie Prime:

--- Quote from: Ponomarenko on December 13, 2013, 02:54:04 AM ---All received money will be spent on the purchase of food, water, tents for meeting.
--- End quote ---

The 5 Billion dollars the U.S. State Department sent you wasn't enough?


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