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What is real estate investment?
« on: February 21, 2023, 03:50:27 PM »

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In Turkey, it is not only the squaring of the apartments and the availability of finishing that matters, the complex itself is an important part. So let's figure out what to pay attention to when choosing a good residential complex?
Apartments in Turkey: A Complete Guide To Real Estate In Turkey
The first line.
People who buy real estate in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast, of course, want the sea ... So that it is as close as possible.
But remember that the proximity of the sea contributes to increased humidity, electrical appliances often fail, and ground floors can be affected by mold due to constant humidity.
The city center.
Most cities and towns in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast are resorts and abound in hotels.
Thus, if you want to buy apartments in the city center, be prepared for the evening noise of parties in hotels and restaurants.
Country area.
The suburbs are usually calmer, there are not so many tourists here, the concentration of hotels is more sparse, but along with the tranquility there may be a lack of necessary shops or restaurants.
So we advise you to walk around the neighborhood of the residential complex you like and get acquainted with the city infrastructure.
The presence of ISKAN.
When buying a house, be sure to check if there is a loan at home. Iskan is a technical passport of the house, which is issued only after the house is checked and approved for operation.
If there is no ISKAN, then the house is considered unsafe for living. Electricity and water are calculated at an inflated tariff (for construction), and it will be much more difficult to resell such a living space.
Decide which infrastructure is more important for you: an indoor swimming pool, equipped children's rooms, a fitness center or a SPA area.
The costs of maintaining the entire infrastructure come from the idat - the monthly maintenance fee for the complex, the larger the infrastructure, the more idat.
Also, before buying, be sure to clarify whether the SPA area and the pool are working, sometimes by common consent of residents, in order to save money, they refuse to work, for example, a winter pool or a hammam.
Residents of the complex.
Find out the main audience of residents in the complex: Europeans or Turks. When coming to a foreign country with a Muslim religion, you need to respect someone else's faith and customs, despite the fact that modern Turks are very loyal and sympathetic to foreigners.
One of the features of Turkish complexes is, for example, separate female and male hamams, or indoor pools. If this approach is not exactly to your liking, then it is better to choose a complex focused on Europeans.

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