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Altcoin discussion / Best multicoin wallets out there
« on: January 31, 2018, 11:30:10 AM »
I was ignoring multicoin wallets and most altcoins for a long time.

But reading few articles and losing 30$ per transaction, I lean towards altcoins.
I'm exchanging alts up and down and having multiple wallet softwares is pain in arse

Multicoin wallets are our future as we need multiple alts to carry over times when Bitcoin transactions are very costly

This blogpost is a nice inside

If you're lazy to read, you can skip the article and be perfectly fine with Exodus wallet

Virustotal 0/64 - clean

For any out there who forgot their passes to their old wallets (mostly with very little BTC/LTC which now has far greater value)

Core based wallets (BTC, LTC, Doge) and Multibit based wallets (Multibit, Multidoge) wallet cracker.

It runs really fast. I think you can crack 6 digit smallcaps pass in couple of days on any Intel i3 CPU.
If you partially know your password (first characters or last), it will be blazing fast.

This is cracking my Bitcoin wallet on my HP Proliant server. Unluckily it's still cracking as I had almost 20 digit password

Download here
You might need some dll's from DotNet 4 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015

VirusTotal scan 0/64 - totally clean

Cracker apparently doesn't work on the oldiest versions of serialized Multibit wallets.

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