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Gambling / Faucet Play at PM Poker on all games, please read...
« on: January 21, 2015, 02:46:23 PM »
PM Poker, S.A. is offering faucet games which earn PM Satoshis (equivalent to Bitcoin Satoshi), to use with our software. Our faucet games play the same as the Bitcoin games, with the exact same probabilities, giving players the exact same gaming experience.

We will give all new sign-ups 500 PM Satoshis to start, and all members qualify for 100 PM Satoshis every 24 hours from their last login. If you are logged in at the time your next login bonus opens up, we will automatically give you credit for being logged in.

We offer a faucet (or freeroll) in all our games. Faucet play varies from game to game. Our Pull-tabs, Scratchers, and Video Poker faucets are open for play every 15 minutes from your last play. Pull-tabs and Scratchers have a guaranteed payout on every faucet play.

Our Three-Up Bingo faucet has a game every five minutes, and even though it’s not guaranteed to win PM Satoshis every game, the odds are in favor of the player receiving some PM Satoshis every game.

Our Quinto Faucet Lottery plays every hour, with huge possible payouts. A player has five picks per drawing to play, and can earn extra picks by playing Bitcoin games. At the opening of each lottery game, our system calculates how much your play contributed to the site in the previous hour, and will automatically add extra picks to the lottery faucet.

Using PM Satoshis is very simple. Every 1,000 PM Satoshis is equivalent to 0.01 mBTC. Our system will combine your Bitcoin balance with the PM Satoshis so wagering PM Satoshis is seamless. If a player uses PM Satoshis in a wager, the amount won from that wager is put back as PM Satoshis up to the amount wagered. Any amount over is put into your Bitcoin balance.


You play a 0.01 mBTC Pulltab (1,000 PM Satoshis) and win 0.01 back. Your account will still have the 1,000 PM Satoshis to use again.

You play a 0.01 mBTC Pulltab (1,000 PM Satoshis) and win 0.05 back. Your account will still have the 1,000 PM Satoshis you wager, plus 0.04 in your Bitcoin account.

When wagering, our system will always use your Bitcoin balance before PM Satoshis, and upon cash-out or winnings our system always credits PM Satoshis before Bitcoin. This ensures a fair accounting of player balances, and maintains a fair and equitable system for players as well as the operation of the site.

Please visit us at

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to introduce you to PM Poker and tell you a little bit about our philosophy and unique features we offer to both the poker and crypto worlds.

We believe the online poker world is at a crossroads, fueled by the potential seen in the first wave for massive player pools. The second wave that is coming has the possibilities to far exceed those, and at PM Poker we've developed solutions capable of building and handling this challenge.

Currently, the choices for online poker sites have broken into two camps.
  • Those using a traditional currency:

    These sites suffer from severe fragmentation. They cannot build up their player pools because of archaic government legalese targeting the exchange of their currencies and payment processing systems. They are further split up by those attempting a regulated approach vs. those who choose an 'offshore' solution to try to reach players in 'restricted' countries and states. These sites will be battling themselves for years to come.
  • Those using a crypto-currency solution:

    These sites have removed the legal obstacles involved with online poker transactions in restricted countries. They could very well grow their player pools to be worldwide, however, all of the current crypto based poker sites depend on third party software solutions. None of these software solutions are capable of handling even a fraction of the workload necessary to accommodate a worldwide audience.
PM Poker believes in the crypto-currency solution as the way to build the world's largest player pool. We do not depend on a 3rd party software solution to accomplish this. Our software was designed from the ground up to handle this challenge. Our staffing, and design team are veteran programmers with over 200 combined years of experience. We are licensed and have validated our algorithms with neutral 3rd party testing services to ensure we're ready to accomplish our missions.

However, being ready to handle the traffic is only part of our solution. In order to bring in and grow an audience of this size we know we need to stand out amongst all the noise. We are confident when you see our game structures and features you'll see why PM Poker truly is unique compared to other poker sites in any category.

We offer 'True Vegas Style Poker'™
Poker started at the tables, not on computers. The vision behind our software was to provide a poker experience that mirrored the action one takes at the real tables. Real bets, based on real chip denominations; seat changes at live (ring) tables; all following the same rules you find in every casino poker room.
Tournament play also includes ‘color up’, advance table rebalancing, and other subtle nuances. You won’t find this level of casino structured realism in any other online poker site out there.

We truly believe this prepares the online player to grow into the REAL player who is ready for everything that lies ahead. We also believe those who come from real table poker backgrounds will enjoy what this online play has to offer.
It’s a gap in poker we believe we’ve built the right bridge for.

Investing in the future of poker…
PM Poker is seeking investors for the next phase of our project. We believe that the future lies in web and mobile application. This is not an idea in someone’s head, looking to maybe start a gaming site. We have established ourselves, and offer potential investors to test our software, and view our prospectus.

PM Poker shares are exclusively sold on Crypto::Stocks under the symbol PMPOKER, and our team is ready to answer your specific questions at: investment[b]@[url=;u=2123]PMPoker[/url][/b].com

Whether you’re a micro stakes grinder or high rolling investor we have opportunities at all levels to join in our action.  We invite you to explore, inquire and see the investment opportunities PM Poker has to offer.

Securities / Excellent investment for hedgers
« on: August 17, 2014, 11:11:03 PM »
Quinto Jackpot Lottery Bonds (“QBond”) are a solid investment, and a single bond purchase on or before January 5, 2015 would yield a minimum 107.10%

QBond purchase price is ฿0.125, and the majority (฿0.075 or 60.0%) of the bond is placed in an off-line wallet for initial Quinto Jackpot seeding up to ฿1000 Maximum, and never used for company expenses.  An annual interest rate of 7.10%, with interest (dividend) payment paid  at Midnight UTC after each Quinto drawing (drawing on 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th (except February) in the amount of ฿0.000125 per bond.

QBond face value is ฿0.25 with a maturity date of January 1, 2016, and buy-back can happen prior to maturity date at full face value.

We all want to think we make sound investments, but that isn't always the case.  Hedging reduces your risk, and the ideal situation in hedging would be to cause one effect to cancel out another.

Let say you're invested in a project (or several), for total of ฿1.00, and you are looking to hedge your investment.  QBond is an excellent investment for hedgers, because the same investment amount would net ฿2.071, thus making you ฿0.071 profit, and cancel out the original investment should it be a total loss.

We set ourselves apart from most projects because we are an actual established company, verifiable, and all information is published and open to the public.  We respond quickly to all inquires, and always do our best to keep shareholders/bondholders informed.

Link to Crypto::Stocks:
Link to Coinsortium: Pricing on Coinsortium is 500 times less.

Purchase price is ฿0.00025 per bond, Face Value is ฿0.00050 per bond.  All ROI are the same.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email at any time.

Unlike other projects, we are verified on Crypto::Stocks, and licensed in Costa Rica as PM Poker, S.A. Corporation.  The management established one of the first on-line gaming sites called BingoGold which is still in operations after 14 years (Aug 5, 1998).

QuintoBTC Lottery is here for the long haul, and Bitcoin requires a successful and steadfast lottery.  We will not jeopardize years of work to gain a few Bitcoins. We want our bondholders and shareholders to know they made a wise and sound investment.

Quinto and QBOND wants you to be apart of this great adventure, and therefore is rewarding all bondholders with one years worth of interest payment after the September 5, 2014 Quinto Drawing (Midnight UTC Sept 6, 2014).  This will not effect regular dividends in the future.

The majority of the bond purchase is stored in an off-line wallet ( 1QBTCbusghrWMBYh8r7co26YCPMYbDDSWd ) for anyone to verify that funds are available for the Quinto Lottery Jackpot.  We only need your funds “for show”.  Given the odds of a Lottery Jackpot occurring, this bond has very low risk factor of 311,875,200:1

With today's (August 8, 2014) 10-yr Treasury Bond Yielding of 2.42%, you have a 99.99% chance of a full return.  But who wants their funds tied up for ten years?  In this scenario, with an investment of ฿2.00, your gross return would be ฿2.05021502 after that 10-yr period.  No wise investor would want that.

Now let's look at the same investment with QBOND using ฿2.00 (10 QBONDS).  While it does have a higher risk, the term would be for 16 months or less.  QBOND guarantees that ฿1.25 will be returned, no matter the outcome of the bond. With this investment, your gross return would be ฿3.025. Factoring in time consideration, this investment is essentially 1134% better than the 10-yr bond.

As an added bonus to our bondholders, we will give you 60 picks (10 picks for 6 games) for each bond purchased on or before January 1, 2015.  All bondholders will be sent an email detailing how to claim their picks, with up to 1 year to claim them.

With the guaranteed return, and the added bonus to be part of the Quinto Lottery, you are not only making a sound investment, you are also helping Quinto to establish a jackpot worthy of a lottery.

Link to Crypto::Stocks project: QBOND

Gambling / PMPoker • True Vegas Style Poker
« on: October 24, 2013, 11:54:48 PM »
We are proud to annouce the BETA launch of PMPoker, the first online poker site that follows true vegas style poker, as played in card rooms.
Established in 2000, we have been well received in the online gambling community.  Our games feature such classics as Bingo, Video Poker, Keno, and Pull-Tabs.
We offer Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo in all lobbies.
Ring Games:
  • Auto reloading (Options)
  • Beginner Texas Hold'em game with Fix Limit (FL), No Check Raise (NCR).
  • Rakes (5%) are in minimum chip unit on table
    • Example: 0.25 / 0.50 game: The smallest unit is 0.25, so rakes are in 0.25 units only.
      No rake would be taken if pot is less then 5.00 mBTC
  • All games offer only true poker wagering, thus you can only wager in units at the table. 
    • Example: 0.25 / 0.50 game: You could not wager 1.66.  Your wager would be either 1.50 or 1.75, because the chip unit at the table is 0.25.
  • Sit –N- Go (SNG) 
    • We now offer games on all table sizes (Heads-Up (2 Player), 4, 6, 8, and 10 Player tables)
    • We offer Bounty Games on 10 player tables. (Bounty is 20% of buyin).
  • Multi-Table (MTT)
    • 5 mBTC Rebuy tournament, Auto Rebuy (Options)
    • 50 mBTC (50% Bounty)
    • Every hour @ 15 minutes pass the hour (15 mBTC buyin) .
  • Extra Information
    • Double Bounty on first person knocked out of tournament.
    • All tournaments will have Color-Up when a chip unit is no longer used.
    • All games are true poker wagering. (See Ring Games)
    • All tables have tournament information showing level time and payouts, along with other tournament data.
  • We wanted to bring our best playing classic game over to poker.

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