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On May 10 Segregated Witness (Segwit) was activated on Litecoin, allowing Lightning Network (Lightning) transactions from various software clients to settle on the cryptocurrency network.

The crypto markets seem to be in another bubble, orders of magnitude bigger than the last. However, this time a lot of the money is flowing into altcoins interestingly enough. How this situation will play out and where the market will stabilise at will be a really interesting story to watch unfold - whether Bitcoin will re-capture the market, or will some other crypto take its place.

A massive round of ransomware attacks was observed on Friday across the globe. The attackers successfully infected large institutions and companies in about 150 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Taiwan, France, and Japan.

4 CEO Balaji Srinivasan recently announced Lists, a new service designed to allow individuals to make money online. "Lists are curated groups of members who share a common profession, skill, or social network,” Srinivasan explains. Users who join a list receive a stream of list-specific tasks to earn money or fund charities.

5 recently revealed a backdoor in Bitmain’s Antminer series of Bitcoin miners, which allows attackers and Bitmain to remotely shut down the bitcoin mining hardware.

With the help of Bitcoin exchange and payment processor Coincheck, the festival and City of Hirosaki are officially accepting bitcoin donations as part of their Cherry Blossom Festival this week. "This will be the first attempt for both a Bitcoin company and a local government in Japan," Coincheck states.

No discussion of blockchain or crytpo-currencies should begin without mention of David Chaum’s Untraceable Electronic Cash and Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments. These are some of the most interesting blockchain and crypto-currency documents and reports that I have come across. Note: These are in chronological order (oldest to newest).

We all know what a database is: an organized collection of data. By analogy, then, we can think of a blockchain as an organized collection of resources, latter being defined as something that exists only in limited quantities. So, blockchain is really a resourcebase.

Formerly known as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group, CME Group is the largest, most diverse derivatives marketplace in the world, handling an average of 3 billion contracts worth approximately $1 quadrillion annually.

Bitcoin has been trading between ~$1150-1230 this week, according to the BLX, on waning bullish momentum. Total Network Hashrate continues to make all-time highs, despite the ongoing scaling debate. The Network Hashrate increased 4.24% on about April 13th, increasing 51.58% year to date.

On July 20th, 2016 the market capitalization of Steem briefly reached $386M and over subsequent weeks quietly retreated to under $150M. Many other cryptocurrencies followed a similar pattern at one time or another. But regardless of the speculative hype cycle that drives prices in either direction, the more fundamental question I’d like to examine is the perceived connection between a cryptocurrency’s market cap and its measure of a network’s value.

Bitcoin’s long-running block size debate has seen numerous challenges to the Bitcoin Core reference software, including Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin XT, and Bitcoin Unlimited. Recently, a fourth contender has entered the ring, a browser-based Bitcoin node client from Purse, called bcoin.

Bitcoin has been trading between ~$1075-1200 this week, according to the BLX, on heavy bullish momentum. Total Network Hashrate continues to make all-time highs, despite the ongoing scaling debate. The Network Hashrate is set for a 4.51% rise on about April 12th, increasing 51.89% year to date.

A ticket is a type of contract. Ticket companies often have surcharges in the range of 5 percent just for issuing and managing their tickets. Can blockchain technology provide better, more secure tickets at a fraction of that cost? I think it can.

On Wednesday afternoon, Bitcoin Core developer Greg Maxwell submitted a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP), inhibiting a “covert attack on the Bitcoin POW function.” Maxwell discovered patent pending technology being used in an ASIC Bitcoin mining chip, which gives certain Bitcoin miners 20 to 30 percent more mining power.

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