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SocialGood is the world’s first socially contributing token ecosystem. SocialGood is a project based on the vision of “improving society” that transcends national, racial, religious, and cultural differences.

SocialGood Airdrop 0.1 SG

Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Visit the SocialGood website:
2. Go down and click on “Join with airdrop”.
3. Submit your details and signup.
4. Verify your mail and log in.
5. Connect your Twitter and Telegram account to the dashboard.
6. Follow the mentioned Twitter page and Telegram group form the dashboard and submit the airdrop page.

-Also get 0.03 SG for every referral
-1SG=100$ in ICO


Earn up to 35 MOAC (Worth 150$)
Complete tasks
1 MOAC= 3.92$ @

you can Earn up to 8 levels per Referral

Off-topic / [HiBTC Exchange] Airdrop 400 HBIT coins $100 USD Limited
« on: August 07, 2018, 03:41:31 PM »

HiBTC Exchange Airdrop

 400 HBIT coins $100 USD Step by step guide

   1: Create an account here 
   2: Verify your account via confirmation Email
   3: You will get 400 HiBit COIN after 72 hours

free 1000 tos


AlibabaCoin Airdrop 100 ABBC = 0.287 ETH (GREAT PROJECT)

Click the link to register

Account registration and KYC authentication at the same time include:
+ Fill in account registration information
+ Upload a front-page photo ID or passport
+ Upload your own photo ID or passport
+ Click submit to register => check mobile => select the area code and enter the phone number => enter the code from the phone to verify (the system will send 02 messages, use the second message 07 number)

free 1000 tos

 "Earn additional 200 code @ASN91"
  Payther airdrop 1000 PYT tokens
 Total supply 1bil PYT, airdrop 300 mil, Airdrop end on 30.10.2018
 a. Link to sign up:
 b. Join telegram, follow 3 twitter account, like and re-tweet the pin post 
 c. Enter your detail: username telegram, twitter, email, ETH, link of retweet.
 d. Referrer (Email or Telegram Username) +200 PYT: pls use my username @ASN91 then both of us will receive  200 PYT.


 airdrop 10,000 eosGAS tokens for free (500$)
 Airdrop Requirements
 complete the Social Media Tasks
 Fill the Form and Submit

TOS- A token with very high potential better than EOS  DO NOT miss)!

FREE 1000 TOS High potential token-DO NOT miss

FREE 1000 TOS High potential token- NEXT EOS

 TOS(Completely decentralized high-speed public chain)
 TOS- A token with very high potential better than EOS  DO NOT miss)!
 [Round 2]
 FREE 1000 TOS tokens
 Fill the details here:
 Do not forget to put invitation code: 769288  & get 300 extra coins!


GET FREE  $100 in their trading account. Limited offer is only for first 5000 registrations.


Follow ML Trade on Twitter, and Medium (get 100$)


 NEW Airdrop
 Tos token Tos - Complete de centralization of high speed chain airdrops now!
  join now Get 700 Tostoken!
 must Fill in the invitation code: 766255 to get 1000 tos tokens
 You'll get more 300 token


GET FREE Linfinity Candy
 Linfinity Candy Description:
 1.Exchange rate with Linfinity tokens is 1:1.
 2.Linfinity token will be listed on the on-line exchanges in June.
 3.Share the invitation link to your friends to get more candy rewards.
 4.The maximum candy reward is up to $ 2,000.
 5.Total token reward is 60 million tokens(2% of the total amount).
 6.Not allowed to obtain candy through cheating.
 7.Token withdrawal will be enabled after the event is over. You can withdraw tokens to your eth wallet.

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