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Scam graveyard / waveplatform SCAM.
« on: May 22, 2017, 02:02:26 AM »
The wavelite app allow people to create their own tokens and trade within the Waves Decentralized Exchange (WDE).
So people create a worthless token and named it Bitcoin, Litecoin, Wavecoin, you name it, any coin you can buy at the market, and sell in in the platform at a lower price.
I bought it and found out it`s the fake Bitcoin. I complained to system administrator.
They just reply to me that people can do whatever they want at WDE and they won`t do anything about it.
And I have no chance to get the money back. I even suspected that those fake coins were created just by WDE administrator.
They are cheating people`s money.
I need some advice what I can do next? Could I sue them? Or is there anywhere else I can complain to?
At least to spread this information out . Don't let more people fished by them.

I keep all the information about the trading information and conversation with the WDE administrator.

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