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Altcoin announcements / [ANN] Top Secret Game
« on: Today at 04:28:22 PM »


Welcome to TopSecretGame!

 What you need to know?

  • Backed by dxsale - Largest decentralized Launchpad in crypto supporting over 14 chains
  • TopSecretGame" is just a placeholder until we unveil our website which will have the actual name of the game

When Website?
  • Coming soon, until then spread the word as a community! We will drop little bits of hints and teasers on twitter to provide ammunitions!

Whitelist, IDO, Presale?
  • Yes there will be whitelist that will open up after website launch and marketing will begin

We are on the chart. Now it's even easier to follow us.





Config XMrig Miner:

    “api”: {
        “id”: null,
        “worker-id”: null
    “http”: {
        “enabled”: false,
        “host”: “”,
        “port”: 0,
        “access-token”: null,
        “restricted”: true
    “autosave”: true,
    “version”: 1,
    “background”: false,
    “colors”: true,
    “randomx”: {
        “init”: -1,
        “numa”: true
    “cpu”: {
        “enabled”: true,
        “huge-pages”: true,
        “hw-aes”: null,
        “priority”: null,
        “asm”: true,
        “argon2-impl”: null,
        “cn/0”: true,
        “cn-lite/0”: true
    “donate-level”: 1,
    “donate-over-proxy”: 1,
    “log-file”: null,
    “pools”: [
            “algo”: “cryptonight”,
            “coin”: null,
            “url”: “”,
            “user”: “YOUR_ADDRESS”,
            “pass”: “x”,
            “rig-id”: null,
            “nicehash”: false,
            “keepalive”: false,
            “enabled”: true,
            “tls”: false,
            “tls-fingerprint”: null,
            “daemon”: false
    “print-time”: 60,
    “retries”: 5,
    “retry-pause”: 5,
    “syslog”: false,
    “user-agent”: null,
    “watch”: true


Telegram | ACO Social | GitHub | Explorer (August 2022) | Discord | Website | OnePager | WhitePaper

MetaACO is a coin that will give you rewards in a DECENOMY framework.
Similar to Bontecoin Sapphire Trittium Birake PeonyCoin Beacon Suvereno Monk Peps Eskacoin Cryptoflow Cryptosaga Kyanite UltraClear Mobility Coin One World Dash Diamond and Aezora.

Launching on August 1st 2022 12:00PM UTC

MetaACO (MACO) Coin Specs

PoW Algorithm: Quark
Premine (Start Supply): 10,000,000 MACO (1%)
PoW Blocks: 1 - 1000
PoS Blocks: Starting from 1001
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Maturity: 100 Confirmations
Max Coin Supply: 1,000,000,000 MACO (in 20 years)
Prefix: MetaACO (MACO) adresses start with the letter "M"
Ports: 5369 (p2p) / 5370 (rpc)

We are Already a Running Project!

Our services include Blockchain Domain Names, One-Click Contract Deployment, NFT Marketplace and Metaverse future projects.

Offering blockchain services to many blockchains including Bitgert, EtherLite, Polygon, Tron, Ethereum etc...

We also have our own Crypto Social Network with 730+ members.

To be in the first batch to start a masternode, you have to get in the Antares Codes ACO Token pre-sale at  (see pic below)

600,000 ACO tokens for pre-sale, with 150,000 in bonuses for a total of 750,000. Antares Codes will allocate 750,000 MetaACO Coins from the Pre-mine at 1:1 rate.

This will ensure that we will have some members ready to start a Masternode (requiring 25,000 MACO collateral) in the first week of the launch in August.

Altcoin announcements / [ANN] IDEAS - Platform V0.1 Out!
« on: May 02, 2022, 11:26:36 AM »

Decentralization Is The Future‎

The fundamentals of cryptocurrencies revolve around decentralization,
a great concept that based on it, the IDEAS project was established.

IDEAS 💡 is a fully decentralized Investing/Fundraising platform for all kinds of projects.
On our platform, the users will be free to post their ideas/startups without any restrictions
or control from ‎IDEAS or any other third party.
This will allow entrepreneurs and investors to work together ‎without any limitations or interventions.

We are still working on the platform and it is expected to be published at the end of the year 2022.
For the time being, the token IDEAS (IDS) is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, more improvements
and upgrades on the blockchain of the project will take place in the future.
The total supply of IDEAS is fixed and equal to 300 million tokens.

Our team is a group of engineers and developers who believe in the concept of the project,
and are willing to finish it. All the team members are paid in IDS, and all of them are holders.

Join our community and help us build this project that holds the foundational principles of cryptocurrency.
IDEAS is DOXXED, SAFU, and Audited.
The links can be found on our website:

For more information on the project and how it works you can
read the white paper:

check the FAQ section on our website:

or check those videos on our YouTube channel:

We have published a Lottery function with a build-in token burn feature,
every week you can buy a ticket to win prizes in IDS,
and a portion of all the participated tokens will be burned.
Join the lottery:

We're working on a staking function that allows holders to stake their tokens and get rewards.

Contract Address: 0x1c61a220a0f1dfc750d28188a97a6c7bf14e9851
Twitter :
Telegram chat group :
Telegram News Channel :

Join our  new IDEAS Army Telegram group for free tokens:

IDEAS 💡 - Decentralization is the future.


What is IDEAS project about ?‎

IDEAS is a project that aim at changing both the way people can fund their projects, and the way ‎people can invest in projects,
to a full decentralized, open, and borderless way.
Thereby, we created a token, called IDEAS, whose symbol is IDS, an investment platform, and a ‎phone application, dedicated to achieve this goal.

The IDEAS platform will be a creative shared space that works on cryptocurrency and brings ‎together entrepreneurs,
investors and skills, in a place where anyone can post their project, to find ‎interested investors from all over the world.

It is important to mention that the IDEAS platform will be divided into two sections:‎
The first one is the "Investment Platform" which is a fully decentralized platform, for all kinds of ‎projects.
Users will be free to post their ideas/startups without any restrictions or any control from ‎IDEAS or any other third party,
and this will allow entrepreneurs and investors to work together ‎without any limitations or interventions.

‎The second one is the "Recruitment Platform" which will be dedicated for business owners to post ‎their job offers,
and freelancers from all over the world will be able to apply and bid to take the paid ‎tasks.

‎ All the payment transactions for the process above will be using cryptocurrencies.‎


Our Vision‎

IDEAS aims to change both the way people can fund their projects, and the way people can invest in projects,
to a ‎more decentralized, open, and borderless way.‎
For this we are creating a platform and a phone application, dedicated to achieve this goal.‎

The future of crowdfunding and investing will be redefined with IDEAS, the crypto Kick-Starter.‎


Our Goals

Our goal is to reach the moment where anyone with an idea or project will have the opportunity to share it with the ‎whole world,
without restrictions or boundaries, and in the most decentralized possible way!‎

While on the other hand, other users that see the project, can become investors or donors,
also without any ‎restrictions, or boundaries.‎


What is the investment platform and how it is related to the token ?

The main idea behind this platform is to maintain a decentralized crowdfunding for different projects and startups in ‎several domains,
where entrepreneurs will be linked to investors/donators.
It will be a fully ‎decentralized platform, without any limitations or constraints on the types of posted projects.
This will ‎help expose your project to investors across the globe with different interests.

Moreover, the ‎relationship between the entrepreneurs and the investors, will be without any limitations or ‎interventions.
Users need to be IDEAS token holders in order to have the right to participate in this platform as an ‎entrepreneur or as an investor.‎
The agreement terms, payment terms, type of cryptocurrency to be used,
is to be agreed upon ‎between the two parties according to private contracts between them.



How can users share their projects ?‎

As an entrepreneur, once you sign up on our platform, if you're a holder of IDEAS, you will be able to create your account to upload your project in text,
images and videos if needed.
The more evidence you provide, the more investors and donators might be interested in your project.
It is necessary to divide your projects into at least 4 milestones, each defined by timeline and budget.
This will allow the investors to keep track of how your project is progressing with time and will give them the trust they need to keep investing in your project.
Interested investors, across the globe, will get to know more about your project and can choose to invest in all or any of the project’s stages.
Moreover, any user on our platform can opt to donate to your cause and help you achieve your fundraising target.


What kind of background check will IDEAS perform on an entrepreneur/project ?‎

One of the main ideas behind the IDEAS investment platform is to keep all the process 100% decentralized,
so no check will be performed from IDEAS on any entrepreneur or any project!

Instead, we will make it possible for each entrepreneur to build his own profile completely,
and post it on the platform to gain the trust of the investors through the quality of posted material and presentation.
The profile of an entrepreneur will include the ID, CV, skills, recent work, and all other useful information that can help empowering
the profile and show it's true value.

Also for each posted project, there will be a section where the entrepreneur can present his idea/startup to the fullest, by posting the business plan,
the needed technical information, the white paper, and all other related information.

All these information can be uploaded in texts, documents, images or videos.

It is the sole responsibility of the investor to check and validate the posted info about the entrepreneur or the posted project, before taking any decision.


How to invest in a project ?‎

As an IDEAS holder, you can enter to the platform, scroll through different projects,
and invest in any project that attracts you, hoping to make profits later on from a working one.‎
If you prefer, you can also donate to a certain cause without expecting any profits.

‎ Entrepreneurs should provide all evidence that support the legitimacy of their project.
Investors are free to invest in any project or ignore it if not convinced.
Simply investing in IDEAS token instead is always an option.‎


What projects will be accepted in the platform ?

Our platform will divide the projects into different categories, such as, Programming projects, Environmental projects, etc.
As IDEAS is a full decentralized platform, users are free to post their projects/startups ideas in their corresponding category without any limitations,
constraints, or interventions from any third party.
It’s all up to the entrepreneurs to attract investors or donors throughout the quality of their presentation.


What is the recruitment platform and how it is related to the token ?‎

The Recruitment Platform will be an active shared space that works on cryptocurrency and brings ‎together business owners, and freelancers from all over the world.
As a business owner, you will be able to publish a job offer to a task to be completed within a ‎specified timeline.
As a Freelancer, you will be able to apply to take on the offered task and bid for it.‎
Users need to be holders of IDEAS token in order to have the right to participate in this platform as a ‎business owner or as a freelancer.‎
The agreement terms, payment terms, type of cryptocurrency to be used, is to be agreed upon ‎between the two parties according to private contracts between them.‎


How to post an offer on the platform ?

If you're an IDEAS holder you will be able to post your job/task offer on the platform by uploading ‎description to your offer by text, images, and videos.
Also, you will receive applications from interested freelancers who will bid to take your posted offer.‎
IDEAS will act as a controller between the freelancer and the project owner to ensure the security ‎of the process,
and that the work gets done and both parties are satisfied.‎


How to apply for an available offered task ?

If you're an IDEAS holder, you will be able to update your profile and present your skills on your profile page,
then you can scroll and navigate through all the different tasks posted by different business owners,
and finally you can apply and bid to whichever task you like.


What is the role of IDEAS in the recruitment platform ?‎

IDEAS will act as a controller between the freelancer and the project owner to ensure the security ‎of the process,
and that the work gets done and both parties are satisfied.‎
Specifically speaking, depending on the payment terms agreed upon between the two parties,
the ‎business owner will send the cryptocurrency payment installments to IDEAS, and IDEAS in turn will ‎send the payments to the freelancer once the job get done.‎


What benefits you got by HODLING IDEAS ?

When the platform is out, anyone will be able to create an account and login to the platform,
but only the holders of IDEAS token will benefits from all the different services available on it.

The services includes the following :

Update all the profile information.
Posting Projects/Startups.
Scrolling/Investing through all different posted projects.
Posting work offers and tasks.
Scroll through offers and tasks.
Entries to different events and giveaways.
More services related to the NFT market place and other options.

Be sure to be a holder of IDEAS now while the price is down to benefit later.



Our Roadmap! 💡

IDEAS roadmap consists of four stages, as follows:

Stage 1
✅Launching the website.
✅Creating social media profiles.
✅Deploy IDEAS tokens on Pancakeswap.
✅Securing liquidity, audit, and lock team wallet.

Stage 2
✅Developing and following a marketing strategy.
✅DOXXING the founders to gain trust of crypto users.
✅Claiming a listing on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, etc..
👉Release an initial version of the platform.

Stage 3
Publish the website platform.
Build the phone application.
DOXXING the whole team members.

Stage 4
Partnering with large projects.
Listing on bigger exchanges.
NFT for projects.
More to come later.

Be sure to subscribe to our channels to stay updated on all the news 💥🚀


Lottery Launched!! 💡

Our lottery function is deployed, and everyone can participate!
Lottery function give participators a chance to win big amounts of $IDS token by buying a ticket for as low as 1$ worth of $IDS !
Additionally, token burn🔥 is applied within the function, which will raise the price of the token continuously.

The lottery contract address: 0x09c796a4b5ca3B21b75baE480150B6c677419A56

Typically, Lotto events will take place weekly.
To enter in the Lotto event you must buy at least one ticket with your $IDS.

You can buy from a desktop or a mobile browser.
those are 2 videos on how you can buy a ticket:

On Metamask wallet (Desktop):

On Trust wallet (mobile):

Good Luck!



" We promise you to do our best to achieve all the mentioned goals of this project.
We are pleased and honored to meet you all. "

Knowing the team is a crucial step for any project to grow further and gain trust of the customers.
For this we are pleased to share with you the founders profile on LinkedIn.

Founder LinkedIn :

Co-Founder LinkedIn :

IDEAS page on LinkedIn :

The profiles will be added to the website asap.
All other team members will be revealed as per our roadmap.
Be sure to connect and follow the founders and the IDEAS page, as it will help us grows a lot.

Our next goal now is YouTube video, promotions, CMC and CG. 🔥🚀


IDEAS Shill Army!‎

Dear IDEARS! 💡

We have created an IDEAS Shill Army group and Twitter.
This group aims to raise awareness of the project and increase our social media followers.

In the group, anyone will be able to complete some tasks and take some IDS as rewards.

Be sure to join and do the simple tasks as it empowers the project,
and also a way to get free tokens.

IDEAS Army Group :
IDEAS Army Twitter :


Fair launched 03/Nov./2021
LP token Locked 1 year
Team wallet locked 1 year
audit passed on TechRate
only 150 Holders
1000x potential




PancakeSwap :

Telegram Channel

Telegram Chat Group




PlataOCrypto is a brand new concept, mixing NFTs , Crypto Casino, Role-Play and social gambling.

Our project aims to modernize the way that players and investors see the crypto gambling scene.
For that, we decided to propose to our community multiple ways to play, invest and diversify their income.

Crash Game :

Our game is based on a well-known & established website :
We wanted to modernize this famous game by adding new features, a clean look and better graphics.
We also wanted to bring back the old version of bustabit, and we used the source code of his first version.

Bankroll & Investment :

We decided to open our bankroll to investors, and give them the opportunity of becoming co-owners of our project and earn daily dividends.

Players on the other hand can play our game while benefiting from one of the lowest house edge on the market.

“Others crash game already give this opportunity to investors”

True, but there is an important difference…

PlataOCrypto investment system :

We decided to open our bankroll to co-owners in a special way.
Instead of opening our Bankroll to investors, we would like to have co-owners.
Here is how it works in three simple steps :

1 -  Purchase NFT Casino Shares and start earning from the co-owner pool ! (1% on every bets, wins or losses goes directly into the co-owners pool)
2 - Sell one or multiple shares on OpenSea OR hold them to keep earning daily commissions from our casino.
3 - Join us on Discord to discuss with the other co-owners in our private channels.

Our shares are capped to 10 000 NFTs, and we started our pre-sale by selling 500 shares.
For each NFT that you acquire, you will earn a % of ownership in our casino and earn daily dividends based on the daily wagered volume and not on the casino profit !

Roadmap & What we achieve so far :

We are very active on our Discord, and we plan on organizing weekly events for our community !
Our roadmap is up-to-date and on our website.
We managed to get invited to the AIBC Summit in Dubai a few weeks ago to introduce our projects to VCs, Investors and influencers.
Discussions are still in progress at the moment, and the next days will be decisives regarding our imminent launch in 14 days !
On the other hand, we plan on going public with our team, it will happen before our official launch !

Our project is not only about having a successful crash-game, it goes way beyond that, and our roadmap explains everything.
For potential future co-owners, we also have several documents including our Pitch Deck (AIBC Presentation) and KPIs, feel free to DM me and i will share them with you.

Links :

Website :
Invest :
Discord :
Twitter :




Like many blockchain enthusiasts out there, with an open mind and technology embracing mindset, we believe that blockchain in general and NFT Games in particular are not just a short term trend, it will change the game for many years to come. More than that, also as a true gamer, we believe that in the short term the market and trend may fluctuate, but the true game will be there, growing stronger, stable, determined and ultimately sustainable.

That’s why Dragon War was designed — where the top of turn-based strategy games meet the best NFT game on the fastest blockchain.

We have been working really hard on it for many months and they are currently at the final stages of development! Today, we are proud to say that Dragon War is one of the notable turn-based strategy NFT games, with top-notch graphics, smart logic, and a variety of amusement features.

Dragon War — Overview

Dragon War is a turn-based strategy game in which characters are represented by unique NFTs on the blockchain system. The NFT will give players much better ownership rights as it is truly owned by them at their wallet address. These NFT characters are also very distinguished, with different appearance, attributes, and characteristics. They can’t be tampered with and are completely on-chain.

Dragon War is similar to the famous Axie Infinity in many ways. In Dragon War, gamers use their heroes command line-up Dragons team to fight off evil in modern turn-based and card game style.

Lore, Plot & Storytelling

The game plot is set on Eragard, was home to many races and creatures, they all had to fight for their lives. Geva, the Goddess of Creation, created the first human beings in this tedious and primitive world. There were four dominant races in that world: Human, Elf, Wizard, and Orc. And, Dragon was designed in order to protect this peaceful world. The rulers of that majestic race of dragons were later called the Great Aspects.

So you can imagine, it’s like a world that’s a land of spiritual splendor. A world filled with power and magic. Anyway, Eragard’s the harsh life of the few people fighting each other for survival and supremacy. It’s not only a bad story to start with but also a pretty neat and mythical writing, don’t you agree?

About Gameplay

Just like Axies, these NFT dragons will be built and minted, and should consist of many different unique body parts. If Axies can either be of pure breed or a hybrid of many different types with many different parts and abilities, Your dragons would like to be built in the same way.

All dragon’s body parts have their own strengths and weaknesses. And this system means they can make every battle a different experience. Since the strategy is key, you’ll want to pay attention to synergies between characters, dragon line-up, power cards and items also.

Synergies are a critical part of your strategy. Your own elemental dragon will consist of 4 characteristic attributes: Earth — Fire — Thunder — Water and the incompatible mechanics in the game are Fire > Earth > Thunder > Water > Fire. They are similar to the rock-paper-scissor game. We are in the process of working on a new elemental dragon with a wood theme.

All update patches and more into the gameplay will be announced on our Social Networks and ANN channels. So please stay tuned and continue to support Dragon War more and more.

Let’s build your own line-up of heroes and dragons on a journey to liberate the holy land. — playable as soon as early 2022 —



"Where mining meets finance"

When it comes to investments, most firms find it more risky than profitable. What investors get at the end of the day is affected. So, due to the volatility of any kind of asset, the profit depends on the market value at each given time. This volatility dissuades retail investors.

Helios Fund offers something different: profits depend solely on the technology and remain independent from the market. This way, our customers have guaranteed positive returns regardless of the performance of the underlying assets. Not only do we produce cryptocurrencies by using cutting-edge technology, but we also swap it to bitcoin at the best market conditions, therefore maximizing the returns.

We are committed to offering to our investors the opportunity to reduce their risk in digital assets by hedging with the mining devices themselves and the proof-of-work consensus. The underlying technology we employ creates an impressive profit margin, thus guaranteeing the safety of investments.

 -Groundbreaking proprietary and patented MiFi protocol
 -MiFi token running on Cardano
 -Fintech and Insurtech applications, as never seen before
 -Mining is always profitable by definition,our protocol leverages solely on the profits leaving the capital intact
 -By delivering both safety and profitability, we bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance
 -First Web3 Operation Investing in and Extracting Three Layers of Value from Cryptocurrencies.
 -Deploying capital to mining, smart portfolio rebalancing, and DeFi applications
 -Created and owns a ground-breaking Protocol of Mining Finance (MiFi)
 -Uses a smart swapping strategy to create more value through dynamic portfolio management
 -300% APR Generated for Investors To Date
 -Seeking to be an EU Regulated Fund, giving peace of mind to investors as a regulated fund
 -Employing a 100% Green Policy through MiFi Protocol designed to make mining green and efficient
 -Asset-Backed Fund owning assets created and leveraged throughout the cryptocurrency value chain


Testing the waters legal disclosure.

We are 'testing the waters' to gauge investor interest in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding. No money or other consideration is being solicited. If sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and only through Wefunder’s platform. Any indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

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